Thursday, March 30, 2017

89 X 5 (with Tatty Devine!)

This has been a rather trying week, so let's look at some pics of 89 celebrating her most recent birthday this month!

Here she is modeling her new Love Thy Beast tunic (she also got a hoodie!).

We started the day with pancakes because: BIRTHDAY FOOD! You're gonna want to do yourself a favor and watch the munching in action.


I have no idea why she looks so glum here; she's surrounded by presents.

She got all kinds of clothes and toys, but her BIG present was this nameplate by Tatty Devine.

Furry close-up of its fabulousness:

Presents or no, boredom set in once the pancakes were gone.

She also got this fab little crown, which made her extremely cuddly. Who doesn't want to nap on their bday?

In the absence of more pancakes, she conceded to playing with her new toys.

After some spaghetti for dinner, I was able to rustle up a treat or two from her favey chef.

Happy Birthday, Eighty-Nerd!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Vegan Valentine's

Welp; another year, another candy day to recap.


I try to eat only heart-shaped things on V-day. 2017 was perhaps my best work.

  • Center and bottom: Gone Pie lemon tahini heart specialties with chocolate kisses to the left and right. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I ate the points off of each so that I wound up with a plate full of butts.
Because I'm a hopeless romantic with exceeding levels of maturity.

I also ate an entire 2-level box of chocolates in just two sittings, sharing only the flavors I don't love (read: fruit).
Because chocolate is the best.

And then there were non-edible this valentine I made for 89.

And this great shirt I picked up from VeganPolice.

The Valentine fairy (OD) left flowers for the nerd.

And for meeeeeee (still alive, btw).

89 was more thematically dressed than any of us in the days leading up to V-day- including, but not limited to: pjs.

Her favey gift was this plush dog she smooched for the longest...until she ripped his guts out.

Sounds about right!

Stay tuned, someone has a bday coming up...