Thursday, May 23, 2013

VEGAN LONDON: Booja Booja Hunky Punky

Isn't that fun to say?  My receipt gave me endless giggles.

After dinner at Saf we explored Whole Foods a bit.  I'd already picked up a bag of crisps before dinner, but was intent on finding something sweet for dessert; Saf's options were too fruity for my taste.


I found an unexpected treasure in the frozen section under "alternative ice cream"- an apt but still humorous description.

Booja Booja makes a few flavors of dairy-free, gluten-free, soya free, organic, mostly raw ice creams (as well as chocolate truffles).  This Whole Foods had only the chocolate- erm, hunky punky chocolate ice cream flavor, but of course that was a-ok by me.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it reminded of, but let me know if you figure out.  Soooo light, airy, and creamy.  It looks like it's only available abroad, which is probably a good thing.  There's a reason I don't keep Lula's in my freezer at home.

It was more than a little chilly out, so I had no reason to rush to eat it other than it was so good.  It probably deserved to be enjoyed in a much nicer setting.

London Tip: The tube stops running at midnight!  Cabs and pedi-cabs abound, but be fore-warned so you don't panic when you find a locked, metal gate between you and the station.

Still giggling.


  1. Great name for a dessert that makes people happy. I was expecting it to have chocolate chunks — chocolate hunks — but it sounds lovely even if it was just smooth and silky. Did it have any hunky chunks?

  2. Andrea- generally I prefer a flavor with chunks, but there was something about the texture of this ice cream that really lent itself to the uninterrupted smoothness. I don't think they make a flavor with bits, but that's not stopping anyone from making a sundae...

  3. the maple pecan has some pecan bits- but not very many though...

  4. Smooth and airy sounds like the way I like my ice cream: more like a mousse. I can see why you might like it better than hunky chunky punky.
    Isn't everything in London slightly punky anyway?
    Dang, now I really gotta try Lulas.
    I would laugh enough just seeing Pounds on my receipt.


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