My vegan dog extraordinaire, 89, is pretty fabulous.  This is how we met.  And this is how she became 89Having a vegan dog means that when you say you love animals, you mean you love ALL animals.

In addition to her inevitable appearances on the blog, you can also keep up with her on Facebook!  If that's not enough, you can peep her on Instagram via #dognamed89 (check out her Modcloth shoutout).  She's so famous she even made it to the V-dog blog, Our Hen House's "this animal on this day," and The Village Voice! Most recently, she met Andy of The Bearded Vegans and Compassion Co. and then he talked about her on The Bearded Vegans podcast, episode #47! Oh yeah, and she has her own tag on Vegansaurus as well. Super famous! And very important.
Now go give your own companion animal a hug. 


Don't have one?  ADOPT!  Never shop.

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