Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sweet Maresa's of Kingston

I don't blog much around these parts lately; admittedly, long form has given way to the explicit, instant gratification of Instagram. As such, you've likely seen a lot of posting there of Sweet Maresa's impeccable treats- procured from Vegan Shop-Up, larger-scale events, and the joint Confectionery NYC venture in the East Village. Not that she's been neglected here! The Sweet Maresa's label on this blog has 13 mentions from when I was blogging more regularly- the first dating back to June of 2013. But, I digress...

Hooray! (photo by VM)
All of this preamble is to say: Sweet Maresa very recently opened a storefront in Kingston, NY and it is a million times more glorious than you're already picturing. I could not, in good conscience, relegate the occasion merely to an instagram post (although there will be plenty!).

Yes, that's real, pink, Depression glass. Yes, she serves on it; it's not just for show.

As reno buffs and Maresa fangirls, VM and I watched online as the blank space Maresa procured was transformed into a regal dessert oasis; images- including mine, cannot do it adequate justice.

The mauve tones in this floor alone are worth the trip.
4/8 shoes

But let us not forget the real star: the baked goods. For starters, the original vegan macarons: lined up in stunning splendor.

I was excited and it was busy; please excuse the blurry photos!

Also, a whole caseful of cakes! Top right was a maple pumpkin that was lusciously autumnal.
There was also cheese, which I unfortunately couldn't focus on in the moment because I was overwhelmed by sweets; I will surely revisit.

Lighting issues: mine; Maresa clearly paid extra for extraordinary natural light, but I blocked it with my bod.

I held my camera up for an overhead shot and this is what I captured: cakes, cookies, pies, and petit fours all on exalted display...and... more beautiful flooring.

We started off with the chocolate walnut cookie(s). We've each had this cookie at least 1000 times, but this one, in this space, made us look at each other and ask why we bother to eat anyone else's cookies.

I told you she serves any old schmucks on these gorgeous plates.

Because VM's fave chocolate-dipped berry shortbread needed an even more chocolatey, Bean-approved companion, Maresa wowed us with a swoon-worthy double (triple?) chocolate version with cacao. The accompanying truffle/petit four was also chocolate berry and it was a delight.

Oh, and what do we find here in the wider shot? A little shelf built just for 89, making the space perfect.

Of course we couldn't leave without an enviable treat box (followed shortly thereafter by a second...judge not!).

Excuses reasons to visit Kingston and get your own box of treats: This year, it was the home of the Hudson Valley Vegfest. It's also not too far from quite a few farm animal sanctuaries. Heck, have you looked outside? It's worth the trip for the foliage alone! What I'm saying here is that if you can find a way, GO. You owe it to yourself.

Best of luck and continued success to Sweet Maresa!

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