Friday, September 18, 2009

Coconut Bliss!!

I am a big proponent of spreading the vegan word by sharing delicious treats with non-vegans, thereby welcoming them into a world where cruelty-free also means fabulous. Unfortunately, many vegan ice creams are soy-based, and I've found that it's very difficult to convince non-vegans to taste, let alone enjoy, "soy" ice cream. They hear soy, think tofu, and it's all downhill after that. The non-vegans I live with have been completely and notoriously "N.I.": not interested.

Then one day I noticed a new addition to my health food store freezer: Luna & Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss coconut milk ice cream. Perhaps 'noticed' is a bit of an understatement; the words "chocolate", "hazelnut", and "fudge" were practically blinking like neon lights and I couldn't resist. That evening I surreptitiously scooped a bowl for myself, a vegetarian, and a carnie: neglecting to mention that we were all eating the same thing.

Admittedly, I stole a taste while preparing the bounty and was blown away by the rich taste and unmatched creaminess. I've had coconut milk-based ice cream before, but this was a whole different level of ice cream, period. And, with the fudge and nuts it was a veritable pre-made sundae!

The vegetarian immediately raved about the flavor, taste, etc. I believe she suspected that the ice cream was vegan (merely because she's savvy), but we both stayed quiet. After a few silent minutes watching the carnie rapidly spoon the dessert into his mouth without hesitation, he paused to say, "This is really good; is it Baskin Robbins?" Now, I must note here to all vegans who may not realize: this is actually a very high compliment from a carnie. I subsequently admitted that the ice cream was vegan and he was duly surprised and impressed...but most importantly, he kept eating! Score two points for the vegan: in one sitting I successfully converted two non-vegans to reach for the Coconut Bliss instead of a dairy-based dessert. Better for their health and better for the animals!

The only downside to finding vegan desserts that people want to share with you is that then you actually have to share. But Coconut Bliss wants to reward you for doing so. Their idea for "A Night of Bliss" is fantastic. Where else would you get an opportunity to have the very company who creates such deliciousness provide you with the tools to make believers of your friends and family? And then they tell two people, and they tell two people, and so on, and so on.

Try this for your invitation if you're one of the lucky winners:

Coconut Bliss: so tasty, so creamy;
look up in the dictionary
under oh-so-dreamy

Friends and family: come to my party.
Try all organic flavors;
you won't be sorry.

Fair-trade, vegan,
soy & gluten free.
Better pre-packaged dessert?
I don't know what it could be.

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  1. Hi! This is Kiley from the Coconut Bliss office and I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful kind words and the shout out about the Night of Bliss contest!
    I've been enjoying reading all the Night of Bliss entries and I can't wait until we sit down to pick the winners :)

    Thanks again!


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