Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tofurky Sammie Deliciousness

I'm generally not much for faux (perhaps it was the old school term "meat analog" that scared me away), but the other day something unexpectedly yummy happened.

It all started when I was shopping: just stocking up on tofu and tempeh when this package of hickory smoked Tofurky deli slices caught my eye.  I don't even know what hickory smoked means, but at that precise moment it was extremely appealing.

Lucky I'd already bought a package of old school white bread with the intention of making Fronch toast (sorry, VM), so once I assembled and identified the awesomeness of my 'wich, I was able to recreate it for dinner every night for a week.

White bread, Vegenaise, arugula, tomato, Tofurky slices, onion:

89 was so jealous.

focus: 89

focus: sammie

Can't really blame her.

Let's just say that I could easily go for another one right about now.


  1. It's a classic! It's been sooo long since I've had a sandwich like this and I am soo hungry right now!!
    Looks like the picture on the box!
    my only problem is that those slices last about two sandwiches-worth for me. Nowhere near enough to curb my yen for sandwichery.

  2. Yum! I'm a big fan of the hickory smoked Tofurky myself, although I will admit my "sammiches" don't have quite as much other good stuff on them as yours does. My dog is not very interested food (he's kinda weird like that), but he does express interest in vegan meat. :-)

  3. Smoked seitan slices do the same for me over here. Only there's got to be mustard, mayonnaise, and gherkins or no deal!

  4. foodfeud- really? I can't remember how many slices were in the package, but I'm sure I made at least 5 identical sammies; the box was like a clown car.

    Miss Rachel- my dog is VERY interested in food; in this case it was the arugula she wanted. I can't make her understand that while we do eat mostly the same things, we can't necessarily do it at the same time and in the same place.

    Joey- I'm going food shopping today, so your mustard and gherkin suggestion will be a reality tomorrow!!

  5. Wow, you recreated the photo on the Tofurky box. That is a very 'commercial' looking Sandwich. Bet it was fantastic. There are very few faux meats I don't like.

  6. My cat Cosmo (who has since passed on) LOVED Tofurky. When I had a sammich, I had to share with him. And last year at Thanksgiving I'm pretty sure he ate half the leftovers from the roast.

  7. I love Tofurky deli slices, they are really good as grilled cheese sandwiches, too! Aw your dog is a cutie!

  8. 89 steals every photo she's in whether or not she's in focus. You should give her one of the sandwiches just to see what she eats first — the arugula or the tofurky.

  9. The Shenandoah Vegan- I think my inspiration was watching the person's sandwich made in front of me at Subway a few days before.

    Wendy- I usually give 89 tofu and tempeh but haven't given her anything processed yet. She might not eat her regular food if I do!

    rika- I never thought of putting them on grilled cheese sandwiches; I am learning so much!

    Andrea- Excellent point.


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