Monday, December 14, 2015

Clementine's Bakery

Last year at this time, when it was actually cold, a friend and I went to visit Clementine's Bakery for the first time. I remember it distinctly for two reasons: 1) there was just a sprinkling of snow falling as we walked from the train, and 2) the food was SO GOOD- savory and sweet options of equal decadence, despite what the name might suggest.

Because my friend is one of the best sharers, we started off with some sammies. First, from the specials board: egg and cheese on a bagel. We've come a long way, but sometimes something as simple and well-executed as this can make my vegan day. Of course there were greens on it as well.


Next up, a choice from the sandwich board: decisions, decisions.

Neither of us could resist the autumnal: BBQ tempeh, kale, sweet potato, and sage aioli; it was even better than we expected. Each element was stellar and the combo was perfection. I could eat a lot of these often and it doesn't even need the aioli.

Because it is, in fact, a bakery, there is a whole "bread" case filled with assorted scones, danish, coffee cakes, bread, and the like.

But perhaps even more resplendent is the dessert case. I love how everything is labeled so you can peruse and make your decisions while you wait. You can also find their baked goods at various locations around New York.

On this day, the most impressively attractive of all the options was this strawberry cookies and cream loaf that was being sold by the slice. I was stuffed and had to pass, but one day it will be mine!

And, finally- how cute is this?

Clementine's is a relatively small space, but there is dine-in seating for about ten and outdoor seating in the warmer months (such as December 2015).

It fills up very quickly, but the staff is pleasant, efficient, patient, and keeps everyone circulating and happy.


Highly recommend; it's high-quality, non-pretentious, and definitely worth the trip.


  1. If Clemetine's Bakery was near me, I'd definitely frequent! I love a well made sandwich. And look at those pastries! I think it's time to re-visit. :)

  2. Extreme jealousy being felt due to this post.


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