Thursday, August 11, 2011

Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

I finally had the opportunity to try Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant not too long ago and then, while I was in the midst of writing the blogpost, happened to visit again.  Let that be an indication of how delicious it is.

The decor is typical for an Ethiopian restaurant- boasting a mixture of traditional mesobs and western tables.  There are paper napkins and no tablecloths; the atmosphere in general is mediocre.  Both times the service was extremely slow, but pleasant and accommodating.  Rest assured, though; the food will make up for any perceived shortcomings.

For starters, the injera.  Now I know that I am one of the few people who genuinely likes injera, but Queen of Sheba's is the best I've ever tasted; you can even eat it plain.  But why would you?  There are eight vegetarian options on the menu (the fish DOES NOT count); the waitress confirmed that all of them were dairy/ghee free.  You may order 1 item, which will come with two other vegetarian sides, OR if you're smart, you can order the Sheba Vegetarian Combination Sampler Dish, which comes with- interestingly enough- seven of the eight vegetarian options.  On both visits I was allowed to substitute the butecha for the shimbra asa without hesitation; I recommend following my lead. 


  • Ater Kik Alecha: "split peas are cooked in onions, garlic and olive oil, mild yellow dish with a touch of turmeric and subtle blend of herbs and spices".
  • Shiro: "split peas are milled together with a perfect blend of berbere, herbs and onions, slow-cooked into a creamy dip for your injera."
  • Cabbage Wot: "cabbage, potato, and carrot cooked with onion and garlic, with a touch of turmeric."
  • Gomen Wot: "finely chopped collard greens are cooked in their own steam with mild seasonings and olive oil."
  • Atakilt Wot: "fresh string beans and long cut carrot [don't be fooled; they're baby carrots] are cooked in tomato sauce with our rich blend of seasonings."
  • Misir Wot: "split lentils are stewed with onion, garlic, and a blend of Ethiopian herbs"
The food is outstanding and you will continue eating long after you are ful (Ethiopian humor). 

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