Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mighty O Donuts from Whole Foods in the Pearl

So here's what happened. We were wandering through the Portland Whole Foods in the Pearl and my eagle {vegan} eye spotted a teeny, tiny sign in the baked goods cabinet (yes, it was a cabinet) that said "vegan" and "donut". They were kind of teeny and marked $2.50 so I hesitated. But then I realized that the sign said "Mighty O" and, while I couldn't remember exactly what I'd read about them, something compelled me to grab one. As it turned out, the sign was wrong and the donut was an extremely fair $1.50; I tucked it in my bag and went on with my day.

Later, while still in the neighborhood, I remembered having read raves about this Seattle-based company's donuts and decided to take a taste. I had chosen the cinnamon flavor and it was an immediate tingle of cinnamon and sugar and cake within my mouth. It tasted like a fresher, higher quality, healthier, donut version of the butter-laden cinnamon sugar Auntie Anne's pretzels I had enjoyed too many of years ago. I immediately returned to WF to purchase the other flavor: a chocolate donut with chocolate icing and coconut flakes, and managed to hold off on devouring that one.

With all of the other things I was stuffing in my face all day I forgot about the chocolate donut until about 24 hours later. Imagine my surprise when I bit into it and it was just as fresh and delicious- only super chocolatey compared to super cinnamonny- as if it was just baked. Wow. This one was, like I said, perfectly chocolatey cake with a dreamy chocolate icing and delicate coconut dust. Just. Superb. Om Nom.

So, if you haven't already guessed- the reason there is no photo is because it was one (okay two) of those times where I was caught in such a flurry of unexpected vegan goodness that I lost all sense of archival purpose. I urge everyone on the east coast to check out the Mighty O website to see what I'm talking about, and then sulk because the donuts are only available on the west coast. Then go grab yourself one of the many varieties of scrumptious Vegan Treats donuts to assuage the self-pity until you can get yourself to Seattle!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Now I am in the mood for a delicious vegan doughnut. Thanks a lot!


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