Thursday, April 17, 2014

Can We Talk About This Avocado?

Vegansaurus posted an avocado/chickpea sandwich a while back, so- as a true devotee, I stopped at my local supermarket for an avocado on my way home the very same day.  This particular market is usually known to have super-ripe avocados on hand, so it's a great place to go for one when you don't want to have to wait 5 days to eat what you're craving now.  However, on this day all of the avos were marked "ripe now!" but were hard as rocks...and cold.  It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that they were frozen.  WTH?  So, I wound up getting this instead.  


Hailing from the Dominican Republic, just look at the size of the pit! 

in fairness, it was a small tomato

I toasted up some rye bread (this is my patented "no sweat" cooling technique),

Got to mashing,

And, voila.  I realize it ain't fancy, but it got the job done.  It was pretty tasty: kind of like chickpea guacamole.

I wouldn't have noticed that the addition of the avo was anything out of the ordinary, but I have to admit that I still love Vegenaise chickpea salad sammies the best.


  1. Your avo looks to be the size of a small melon! CAn avocados survive being frozen? I think I agree with you about the Vegenaise chickpea salad sandwich as the preferable option — topped with an avocado slice, to make it extra special.

  2. Great Sandwich idea. Will I ever make it? I hope so.

    I approve the Garlic? Stuffed Olives on the side.

    Haven't seen 89 in a long time. Didn't she want to pose with the Sandwich?

  3. I see those avocados a lot but I don't understand them! I think I am scarred from when my dad bought a low-fat Florida avo that looked like that.
    I will talk about the avocado with my therapist.
    To be clear about the toast it but eat it cold?

  4. Andrea- good question; I've actually stopped buying my avos at that market, but I left under the impression that it was normal practice.

    The Shenandoah Vegan- Oh, those are rockets: stuffed with jalapeno and garlic! More 89 coming, I promise :-)

    foodfeud- There's a low-fat avocado? Who knew? Well, besides your dad. I try to eat the bread while it's still warm, but I can't assemble my sandwich immediately b/c of the sweat that accumulates on the plate if you lay the bread down as soon as it's been toasted.

  5. You will see loads of massive avocados in Latin America and they are absolute beauties and don’t brown up quickly like these little ones here in the U.S. I love mashed chickpea salad - what a great idea to use them in chickpeas instead of using vegan mayo.


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