Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cookman Creamery: MORE Vegan in Asbury Park

With all my jabbering on about Goldie's, you might be wondering if I am aware that there is a vegan-friendly ice cream store in Asbury Park.  To that imagined slight, I say, "What do you take me for- some kind of novice?"  I'll have you know that I've already been to Cookman Creamery a number of times.

Indeed, just a few blocks away from Goldie's is this mother/daughter-owned shop; I'd say the offerings are evenly split between vegan and non-vegan.

In essence, if you want it, they probably have a vegan version.


Every time I've visited there have been at least six hard-packed ice cream flavors: many of them satisfyingly kitschy (example: churro!).

They've also always had 2 soft-serve flavors on offer; my favorite so far: classic (and creamy) chocolate/vanilla.

But, let's be realistic; the cone above belongs to my friend.  This happened to be my first visit so I went for the whole shebang: the largest sundae available: made with cookie butter (speculoos/biscoff) hardpack and chocolate/vanilla twist soft-serve with peanut butter sauce, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry.  The PB sauce is not made in house, but the whipped cream is.

Don't let this sad-face fool you; she tried some vanilla.

I will admit that the sundae unexpectedly defeated me and I'm not sure why.  It is the only time in recent memory that I haven't been able to finish a dessert and you know I'm not shy.  So, on my next visit I ordered a more normal size small cup which was brimming with chocolate and vanilla soft serve with peanut butter sauce (sadly, they were out of whipped cream).

I'm not sure if this is something that they do all the time, but this particular cup had peanut butter sauce on the bottom of the cup in addition to the top- which is genius.

for me?

 If this is a thing, please keep doing it!

For the record, the friend who was with me on this visit ordered apple pie ice cream which so horrified me (I hate apples) that I neglected to take a photo.

Cookman Creamery also offers most, if not all, of their novelties in vegan versions: flying saucers, chocolate-covered bananas...

They even have a pop that is reminiscent of "cherry-dip;" I believe they said it was a raspberry sorbet coating.  Non-chocolate desserts aren't really my thing, but I have a friend that's been dying for a vegan version of this so I'll let you know if she tries it anytime soon.

On another visit 89 had a sample of the raspberry soft-serve, which was paired with peanut butter (peanut butter & jelly; get it?).  Needless to say, she was a fan.

And the time after that she got a taste of the pumpkin/vanilla soft-serve swirl from a friend.

Not too shabby.

If you haven't been to Asbury Park recently, I highly recommend a visit to see what's new.  Besides great grub and desserts, you can walk to the boardwalk, take a ride on pedal-boats nearby, and visit the shops, galleries, and theaters within walking distance.

Did I mention Cookman Creamery also does cakes?  They do.  I've yet to try to test their travel-ability, but I'm sure as the weather gets cooler I'll be more likely to give it a go.

On a final note, Cookman (and Goldie's) are so pooch-friendly that 89 took it upon herself to break into this closed shop a few doors down.

Luckily no charges were filed.

Head on down to Asbury to see what's (vegan) to be seen!


  1. URGH! This place looks amazing!

  2. I was just thinking today that I have never seen Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream. Hope the vegan side of their business is strong enough for the mother-daughter duo to keep offering it.

    1. I've never seen packaged pistachio, but TBICSITU has it all the time! I have to say that every time I've been in there people have been ordering vegan more than the non-vegan :-)

  3. I'm so overstimulated, that I don't know where to start - I want to taste it all, and squeeze 89!

    I think the last cupped serving wins for me; the combo of peanut butter over vanilla and chocolate - AND pb underneath. Yup.

  4. I am not the hugest fan of ice cream but this is all very compelling. I wonder how they'll do over the winter and cooler months. I like beaches when no ones out there, but sometimes that means there's no food to be had either!
    Love the peanut butter swirl sauce. Lucky you. 89 looks so happy with the raspberry ice cream.

    1. So we noticed on the boardwalk a lot of the ice cream shops (3?) had vegan options. We were short on time so didn't taste or get any more information, but I'm guessing that while those are closed in the cold months, CC will likely be open (with presumably shorter hours).

  5. I've never even heard of peanut butter sauce...I must find some! That 89 is such a lucky little girl. :-)

    1. Little known fact: the Reese's sauce in the supermarket used to be accidentally vegan. Just saying!

  6. Last year, Cookman Creamery closed on December 7th for the season. I know this because A) it is my youngest vegan twins' birthday and B) the owner, Melissa, gave us a shit ton of free vegan goodies and ice cream to bring home because she was closing.

    My husband just arrived home with an apple streudel ice cream pie from Cookman Creamery. Can't wait to try it. Her ice cream cakes are amazing! Veganized Carvel ice cream cakes.


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