Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sweet Maresa's Vegan Italian Rainbow Cookies

I have been eating a lot of yummy things over the course of this holiday month, but Sweet Maresa's Italian Rainbow Cookies are the official, award-winning dessert of my season.

Friends of mine visited the first of the two, December, Brooklyn, Vegan Shop-ups in my stead and reported back that Sweet Maresa, purveyor of the previously elusive vegan macarons, had created said tri-color treats in two sizes: individual cookie and full-on cake-size. The reviews were consistently positive, so I immediately confirmed that the cookies would make an appearance at the next Shop-Up and counted down the days. 

Rainbow cookies are a lifetime favorite of mine and my singular foray into their creation was successful but wholly consuming and, thusly, dubbed, "Why Vegan Rainbow Cookies Should Cost A Million Dollars a Pound." I was ecstatic that someone far more capable than I had taken up the cause.

At the next Shop-Up, I waited my turn as ridiculous (to me) questions were posed to Maresa. Accordingly, I made the requisite jokes to pass the time. 
customer: "How long will they last?"
Maresa: "Refrigerated for up to 3 weeks."
me: "No one has ever tested that theory."

customer: "How many servings are they?"
Maresa: "About 25."
me: "One. Two at the most. They're meant to be eaten like a candy bar."
I mean, they're VEGAN RAINBOW COOKIES; shove them in your face, don't discuss them! Measure and test for longevity on your own time and get outta my way because you're blocking the cookies. 

And then it was finally my turn. Only the largest size was available (and not around for long)- which would suggest that the universe was sending me a clear and direct message. 


I presented it to VM, my fellow rainbow cookie connoisseur, the very next day.


We marveled at it for more than a few minutes before digging in. 

Okay, maybe it wasn't so much a marvel-fest as a mutual sizing up of whether or not our blood bond necessitated sharing.

Ultimately, we did.


From Sweet Maresa:
"Italian rainbow cookie, family style. Made with natural colors (obviously), homemade organic almond paste, and filled with a peach beebalm jelly made by yours truly from summer fruit and flowers, encased in fair trade dark chocolate. 6.75" by 3.75" and a whopping 1.3 lbs. Cut as desired."

You may or may not know that traditional rainbow cookies are quite pricey- due in no small part to the time-consuming nature of their production. Taking into account that Sweet Maresa's version is not only vegan, but meticulously handmade with natural, organic, fair-trade, and homemade ingredients: this is a steal.

These rainbow cookies are vegan, cruelty-free, taste wholly authentic, and are all-around stellar on all accounts.


I'm going to assume that this will be a seasonal item for Sweet Maresa, so count yourself in the next time they come around. I'll already be in line.


  1. Those are gorgeous! I'd never heard of Rainbow Cookies until this year but they sound ridiculously good.

    1. Oh, you are missing out!!! Hopefully she'll ship overseas soon or you're back in town to try them :-)

  2. Oh my gosh I remember my grandmother giving me these when I was little! I must find. But 20 servings? Are you KIDDING? I could house 2 of them at once.

    1. I have to admit that we've been cutting it into "appropriately" size pieces and that's about right. Not saying I don't house 3 at a time...

    2. I have seen Rainbow Cookies in Delis, but I dont recall ever trying one. They seem to be something that harkens back to one's childhood when you could only pick one thing out if the dessert display. The price seems reasonable enough considering the labor involved.

  3. Yum!! I've not had one before, but count me in for trying rainbow cookies!! Happy New Year!

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  5. i want more of this sooo bad! i'm so glad you liked it so much too! do you have any left? :) [i assume the odds are against me haha]

  6. I had these on Christmas Day (12/25/18), and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, they were so good.


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