Tuesday, March 15, 2016

89 = 4

Saturday was 89's birthday so we did a lot of celebrating. If you're here just for the food, you may wanna come back later; this post is all about 89 (although there are snacks)!


 We started the day with one of 89's favorite foods: pancakes! She got a stack all to herself.

Here she is perturbed that she had to wait to eat them (but peep her pin!).

Stealing the idea from a pal, we got these fab balloons.

They were even cool on the flip side.


Of course there were gifts and cards to be had.


And, you may have already noticed that her hoodie has been customized by VM since Christmas.

A better view of the tush.

Be on the lookout for more bday duds, but 89 was mostly interested in eviscerating this bird.

And then she received a timely special delivery from Vegan Divas, which she unceremoniously made off with before a proper photo op (don't worry; there's another one). Review up on Vegansaurus

We went to the grandhumans' house for more festivities:
more balloons, 

More presents,

and ice cream!

Per usual, it was a fun day in celebration of this nerd and her 4th bday!



  1. Who needs food when we have 89. That's like begging for broccoli when you have chocolate! Happy b-day 89.

  2. Uhmeeezing! Vee would be so sick if I gave him all that. He's turning 9 in two days and is probably getting nothing but kisses. Ha.


    1. Bdays for everyone! Hope it was extraordinarily happy, Vee!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet lady! She is such a cutie, and her distant relative Remy sends his regards!

  4. Your baby is such a grown up now! I hope 89 realizes what a wonderful mother she chose :) looks like a great day of celebration

  5. That's is great that she holds it together so well with all the adulation. Some kids have meltdowns in similar circumstances.

    1. She is just a master at giving me the stink eye!

  6. I love seeing 89! Happy belated birthday to such a sweetie!

  7. Wow I thought I loved my fur-babies lol I've never given one a legit birthday party.
    This was too cute :).


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