Monday, June 27, 2016

Father's Day treats (mostly for me)

We usually spend our Father's Days barbecuing by the pool, but this year the pool was giving my dad a run for his money, so we rather indignantly stayed inside. I chose this exceedingly warm card from 89 and I, because that's how we do.

Without poolside fun & frolic, there wasn't much to do but to hang out in stripes and play endless games of rummikub.

Then VM made her famous sauce and we dined on piles of pasta.

Of course there was some of my signature cheesy, roasted garlic bread on the side.


And, dessert.

Three new to us cakes were the main event: chocolate speculoos, white chocolate blueberry cheesecake, and coconut caramel cheesecake.

Full disclosure: because we went to pick up the these cakes in person from Vegan Treats, we also picked up some donuts. Boston creme, powdered jelly, s'mores, triple chocolate, and chocolate-encased angel's food cake. You know what they say, "If they all fit one one plate they count as one serving." Or maybe that's just me.

And ice cream. Did I mention ice cream? I mean, none for my dad; I just got some for myself when we were picking up the cakes: cotton candy and blue raspberry with rainbow sprinkles. Pretty spectacular!

 It's always a party when you include Vegan Treats. How much of a party depends on you. ;-)

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  1. VM's Sauce looks better to me than the Vegan Treats! That is some Tomatoey goodness.


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