Friday, August 18, 2017

Beyond Sushi Contest Winners

I was thrilled when a friend and I recently won an instagram contest for dinner at our choice of Beyond Sushi locations because I've been particularly anxious to try their new restaurant on 37th between 6th and 7th. Unlike it's fast casual cousins, this newist space is a sit-down dining establishment complete with waitstaff, bar, and extended menu.

As someone used to their tiny original location, this space was even more impressively spacious that I could have imagined. There is more dining and an open kitchen located in the back where we wound up sitting.

We were disappointed to find out that they're not currently serving anything from their cocktail menu, but they do offer beer, wine, and sake- which I love but don't drink often because I don't know which are vegan. Thanks for doing the work for us, BS! I chose the Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo Mystery: soft, mineral, plum, citrus; my friend had the Joto Junmai Nigori The Blue One: lively, tropical fruit, creamy texture, dry. They were both really delicious; I see more sake in my future for sure.

We were really excited because the sides menu ("side salads" online) was filled with things I've never seen at Beyond Sushi, so we loaded up on them as appetizers along with my absolute favorite, decadent Badge dumplings: charred cabbage, roasted onions, garlic, bell peppers, carrots and sesame oil topped with chili toasted panko and cilantro with ponzu sauce. We could not have made better decisions; the servings were all generous and the assortment was perfectly varied. Our server graciously omitted cilantro wherever I requested (read: everywhere).

shown here with blueberry lemonade and strawberry yuzu juice
The roasted chickpeas with cumin, tahini, lemon toasted panko, parsley and sumac were hearty and creamy. Leave yourself some time to eat these with chopsticks; the best I did was two at a time. Our server kindly offered us a fork, but I'm no quitter.

The housemade kimchi was a spicy, plentiful portion with equal parts crisp and cruciferous.

I am always wary of bonito flakes in seaweed salad, so it was a pleasure to enjoy BS's divine version, served traditionally here with chili flakes and sesame seeds.

Because we were in no rush, we ordered my friend's favorite rice paper wrap, the nutty buddy, to share as an intermezzo. With baby greens, soba noodles, jalapeno penaut butter, carrots, cashews, avocado, baked tofu and cilantro with ponzu sauce, it was a good reminder of how amazing and fresh everything always is at Beyond Sushi.

Because after 5 years of eating here we've each found ourselves set in our ways, for dinner we decided to order our favorite rolls so that the other could try what they've been missing.

I immediately fell in love with the boobie roll. JUST KIDDING! But, come on- totally boobies, amirite? It's really the spicy mang with black rice, avocado, mango, and English cucumber topped with spicy veggies and toasted cayenne sauce. I don't usually eat fruit in savory food and mango isn't really one of my favorites, so I never would have ordered this one. Guess what? I'll be ordering it every time now. Love the touch of sweetness with the creamy avocado and crisp cukes; a new favorite for sure and the giggles don't hurt.

Our colorful platter, from front to back:

La fiesta: black rice, avocado, chayote, and pickled jalapeno topped with black bean puree, kaffir lime chips and tomato guajillo sauce.

Pickle me: six-grain rice, pickled burdock root, carrots, pickled daikon and avocado with carrot ginger sauce.

Sweet Tree: six-grain rice, avocado and roasted sweet potato, topped with alfalfa sprouts and toasted cayenne sauce.

Chic pea: black rice, roasted eggplant, artichoke, and English cucumber topped with saffron chickpea puree and parsley with tahini sauce.

I have been a huge fan of Beyond Sushi since before they were 100% vegan (mucho props for that one, my friends). It's a great place to grab a colorful bite with a pal, to stop in by yourself, or to get take-out for veg moms waiting at home. With this new restaurant offering more of a fine dining experience, things can only go up from here. Would love to see them add lychee martinis and tempura to the menu in future iterations. Thanks for a wonderful meal experience; I'll be back very, very soon for what will likely be a duplicate meal!


  1. How cool that you won! It looks like a delicious evening, and I love all of your choices. And thanks for the giggle 😂

  2. What an awesome meal! Congratulations! I wish my name was 'Broccoli Shitake'.

    1. Ha! She's a good person to win a contest with!!

  3. How funny, that's the new location by my office!! I go there will alarming frequency.... the mushroom dumplings are really awesome! And the kimchi side is something i may or may not order in multiples....


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