Friday, January 29, 2010

Vegan Treats For Brunch

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "You can make a meal out of Vegan Treats."  This brunch consisted of quite the assortment, and the "take-home" booty will garner it's own post shortly.

On plate #1 we have:
  • a delicious raspberry white chocolate brownie, which has somehow escaped our attention until this visit
  • a chocolate glazed donut, which may have replaced the alternate version: the sprinkled, chocolate glazed doughnut, as my current choc fave (always behind the chocolate dipped)
  • the new cinnamon sugar donut, which was refreshing, light and yummy: reminiscent of the same variety munchkin
On plate #2 you see:
  • the always delicious coconut roll coated in a shell of icing and filled & stuffed with coconut shreds
  • crowd favorite: the pecan roll, which is filled with cinnamon and dripping with thick, caramel goodness and generous pecan-age (my omni co-workers are now hooked)
Unpictured: the monstrous and always necessary cowboy cookie (chocolate chips, pecans, coconut) that was devoured on the way home, along with a sprinkled, glazed vanilla donut that wasn't spotted until we were placing our to-go order.

* Important Update: the ice cream machine has still not returned, but sources have indicated that it might possibly re-appear in the summer; fingers crossed!  Of course by sources I refer to any one of the VT staff that I can badger incessantly for the return of the soft serve (sorry, but not really!).

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