Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vegan Treats To-Go

No matter how many Vegan Treats you find yourself consuming in the eponymous bakery, no matter how full you may feel, you must, must, must take an additional assortment home because within a matter of hours you are going to want it.

I like to visit Vegan Treats for brunch, giving me the excuse to eat enough to cover two whole meals.  Then I'll skip dinner, and treat myself to dessert much later in the day.  Win-win.  Here's the trick.  Because you will be super-full once "brunch" is over, you must make an effort to choose your to-go order before you brunch and are too full to think about, let alone consider, pumpkin cheesecakes and cowboy cookies.  Another VT trick is to visit early, then busy yourself around Bethlehem for a few hours and swing back on your way home just to make sure they haven't added anything while you were gone.  I know it sounds crazy (so?), but on one particular trip this garnered me a never-seen-before pie, a bonus cookie flavor, and the opportunity for a second ice cream; so there.

Vegan Treats is now offering smaller versions of their mini-cakes, fairly priced at a couple of dollars less than their larger predecessors.  I honestly can't decide which I prefer: while the smaller size is ideal for trying a plethora of different options, I wonder if the larger mini-cakes were easier to share with a friend or a small group.  Either way, it's important to note that each of these diminuatively sized cakes are still prepared as though they are a singular masterpiece and the price remains right.

In the back you see a cake I've never had before, a chocolate iced, chocolate chip covered, chocolate cake.  I did miss a filling, so the Death By Chocolate is still the favorite, but this cake fulfills chocolate cravings with its obvious chocolateyness and mounds of chips.

On the left is the caramel apple crumb cheesecake, a favorite cheesecake even though I can do without (and often pick off) the apples.  I think the "plain" cheesecakes topped with deliciousness are much tastier and creamier than options with flavored bases, of which VT has many (coffee, banana marshmallow, berry, etc.).  While also good, my tastebuds find these varieties a little overwhelming and confusing.  I mean, we're vegan and get delicious cheesecake, why do we wanna overdo it with too much extra stuff/flavors!?

As if to prove me wrong, though, on the right we have the smores cheesecake, which is a symphony of sweet flavors all exquisitely packed into a cheesecake.  Chocolate cheesecake topped with a thick hunk of dark chocolate, embellished with a poof of fluffy, sticky marshmallow and garnished with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate shavings; this is a must-have in my house.

So take my word for it; you can never have too many Vegan Treats.

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