Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegan (Chocolate) Baklava

I had some phyllo dough left over and I wasn't really certain if it would survive, uncooked, as a leftover ingredient.  So, I quickly made the best use of it that I could think of considering the time crunch: I made baklava!

I loosely based the concoction on Christine Waltermyer's recipe. By "loosely based", I mean that I essentially used it as a guideline. By "guideline", I mean that I thought about it fondly as I:

  • Made a random mixture of brown rice & maple syrup.
  • Loaded it up with chopped walnuts, almonds, and gads of chocolate chips.
  • Haphazardly layered the whole concoction between phyllo sheets.
  • Hoped for the best (how can you go wrong with chocolate, nuts, & phyllo?)
Don't judge me: my phyllo was drying out; it was a race against time.

My inability to follow directions poor planning and execution is in no way a reflection on the original recipe, though, which I happen to know turns out flawless (when baked by Christine, not by me).  

As for my results, it is possible that I may have over-chipped, since it was pretty oozy when I took it out of the, and then, when cooled, turned out pretty much like a solid bar of chocolate with flecks of nuts & phyllo speckled throughout. 

And what's wrong with that?  Nothing.


  1. Oh Jill, it was gooooood. It was predominately made up of chocolate; what do you expect? ;-)

    I will say that it was possibly better cooled than warm (and neater to eat).


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