Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Twin Sisters: Vegan in San Antonio, TX

So, last year (you read that right) I had the amazing opportunity to visit San Antonio (and Austin), Texas for a very special reason. Because I am a lazy blogger who is consistently behind on things that are very important, I haven't told you about any of it! Since this was our first stop in San Antonio, let's start here with Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe.

I've never been to Texas before (or since), but I spent so much time thinking about how adamant Susan Sarandon was about bypassing Texas in Thelma & Louise, that I never gave much thought as to what I was most likely to find in the state: breakfast tacos!!!

The (vegan) options were:
tofu chorizo, sweet potato, avocado, brown rice, tofu, black beans, onion, tomatoes, jalapenos, potatoes, peppers, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, garlic, pico de gallo
Because I'd just arrived in Texas I showed some short-lived restraint. I chose what I expected would be two small tacos with two ingredients each, both on a "healthy whole wheat flour taco" and served with complimentary salsa, of course.

The first: the recomended tofu chorizo with avocado. I'm vegan; I don't know what chorizo tastes like, but slap some avocado on just about anything and you've got a winner!

The other: potatoes with jalapenos. Please note that when you order fresh jalapeno in Texas, they are not messing around. This was easily a half of a giant jalapeno: seeds included. This is how you jalapeno, folks. The Northeast could take a lesson!

I'm no slouch in the eating department, but this was a pretty large meal to start the day with. First meal of day one and I was already winning.

If you look closely you might spy some amazing animal activists that might give you a hint as to where I was headed.

So, stay tuned as I pepper my regularly, "scheduled" programming with posts about this exciting trip; you won't want to miss any of it: particularly the denouement.


  1. What! How will I focus on yr regularly scheduled programming when there are vegan Texan eats to be seen?? Like those potato-jalapeno tacos...Yes please.
    Did 89 go with you??

    1. I know; I'm the worst! 89 did not accompany me on this trip, but there WILL be other non-human animals in the recap :-)

  2. You dont get too many denouements these days. i miss them.


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