Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Passover and Easter Festivities Abound

This was another of those whirlwind, interfaith, holiday weekends of fun, frolic, and- let's face it, snacking for me and 89.

In advance of the holidays, I secured some Gone Pie goodies for myself and my co-workers. Behold the elusive peanut butter caramel bunny: resplendent in its vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade glory...complete with a whole peanut in each ear!

Karma rewarded me for my generosity; I received a holiday package that contained a bonus bunny...


and my new favorite Gone Pie item: the cookie cup (not to be confused with Nosy Miss Cookie), which is one of their famous tahini cookies encased in thick, luscious, dark chocolate.

As if I wasn't already off to a great start, a cup of Vegan Treats' incredible speculoos soft serve was delivered to my door: generously coated with chocolate chips.


It may or may not have been (hint: it was) accompanied by one of their soft-baked speculoos cookies: partially coated in speculoos and dipped in chocolate

And then the holidays were upon us.
Passover came first this year.

89 got her own seat at the table, of course. But, while she did partake in matzoh balls* & carrots, it was not at the table.

The festive meal consisted of roasted brussels sprouts, potatoes and onions with horseradish, and the last piece of my Celebration Roast*.

On the first night, I helped 89 find the afikomen. We made a great team because she was much more interested in the matzoh than the money!

Check out these non-vegan macaroons I found at my parents' house trying to be cute. Sorry, macaroons; consuming animal products is NOT cute!


Sweet and Sara's cruelty-free, toasted coconut marshmallows, on the other hand, are extremely cute and delicious. They're a staple at our sedars.


And then we shifted gears for Easter.
89 received a basket full of fruits and vegetables!

Nothing terribly special for breakfast, but 89 expertly handled the pre-rinse of the cream cheese spreader per usual.

This was shortly before she demonstrated why chicks don't make good Easter "gifts;" good thing this one was faux.

A carbstrong Italian meal for Easter dinner.

More Easter-themed presents for 89 bunny.

More Easter-themed presents for me! Vegan Treats candy haul including the coveted betterfinger bar, speculoos bunnys, twin cookie sticks, and chocolate bunny lollipops.

And then 89 decided she was over it all.

Except for her flowery mini-89.

Until next holiday!

* not Kosher for Passover!


  1. Obviously, from the expression on her face, 89 totally grasps the gravity of the Passover Seder and why that night was different from all others. Then she grasped that Easter is way more fun to celebrate. Wish i could get past the prices on Gone Pie's website. The Vegan Treats Speculoos Cookie is a looker.

    1. You're totally right! I'm spoiled by having Gone Pie at my fingertips at so many events so that I've tried just about everything over the years. You won't be sorry when you try it and then you'll be hooked.

  2. What a fantastic weekend! I laughed aloud when you helped 89 find the afikomen - so adorable! Delicious looking treats from both Gone Pie and Vegan Treats, mmmm. The bouquet of 89 is so impressive!

    1. I thought it was quite nervy that we weren't on an even playing field and I remember the days of wondering if I'd be able to reach it if I found it!

  3. that cookie cup looks so stinkin delicious!

  4. I love 89 in the yarmulke!!
    I also love those coconut marshmallows...I had a nice Easter but nothing as celebratory as this. Lucky both of you.

  5. Lots of great-looking food. I have to say, though, I always feel under-dressed for every occasion when 89 appears in a post in her finery. :)


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