Friday, February 26, 2016

Galentine's and Valentine's Daze

Galentine's Day coincided with a Vegan Shop-up this year; WHAT COULD BE GRANDER?

Because I'm a Vegan Shop-up professional, I generally arrive at Pine Box and try to buy as much as possible before I hand my card over to the bartender for the day and commandeer a stool amongst my pals.

First pass-through: a coveted chocolate raspberry cake from Sweet Maresa, new subway rider handwash from The Fanciful Fox, and mudslide numero uno (highly recommend).

For breakfast, I started off with a rainbow cookie macaron, also from Sweet Maresa: rainbow cookie professional. I expected it to be amazing, but it was actually astounding.

Next up, my Gone Pie buffet.

It was hard to decide, so I chose a couple of things that I'm sure you'll agree were irresistible.
For starters, this:

Nope, I'm not kidding. That's a real, edible, vegan, "loaded Valentine brownie heart." Gluten-free fudge brownie filled with marshmallows and salted peanuts, topped with peanut butter fudge frosting with a layer of pretzels, dry roasted peanuts, more vegan marsmallows, more frosting, and chocolate hearts. #veganscanteatanything

Also snagged a Gone Pie Mexican hot chocolate brownie topped with marshmallow and hearts...

And, finally, a Gone Pie nut buster pecan cluster.


I also picked up this chocolate/strawberry heart specialty from PonyCakesNYC because it's one of VM's favorite combinations.


And just like that it was time for lunch! Thankfully, Sean was there repping Riverdel Cheese. He made me this phenomenal sandwich that a certain numbered dog thought was for her. Then she stole her pal's orange garnish to wash it down.


Pic of said garnish alongside mudslide #2 before it was stolen:

Unpictured, the Freakin Vegans broccoli cheddar empanada and mac & cheese 89 and I devoured per usual.

She conked out somewhere around  mudslide #3.

And then it was Valentine's Day!

Candy! Rose City Chocolates all hazelnut collection:

Flowers! Sterling roses.

This nerd.

Aaaaand, more grub.
Here's that beautifully wrapped Sweet Maresa cake- even more gorgeous up close. 89 thought this was for her as well.


Some poorly lit, but delicious Vegan Treats cookies.

Aaaaaaaand, more cake. I have no idea what specific flavors they were, I can only tell you they were beautiful and chocolatey delicious: both.

For dinner, we went out for more Ethiopian food at Desta where I finally had some of their lentil sambusas and they were the best I've ever had.

Entree one:

Entree two:


I shared a little.

Of course I brought some injera home for 89.

She got a V-day present.

Aaaaaand, tried to eat my candy. What else is new?

Here's hoping your Gal/Val weekend was great!


  1. The looks like the best galenvalentines weekend ever! I'm now even more determined to make it to a vegan shop up one of these days - I need to try Sweet Maresas and that cheese sandwich looks beyond perfect.

  2. Those desserts are giving 89 a run for her money in terms of delectability. My only way to deal with what you just posted is to remind myself that it would all turn to liquid were it to be shipped down here.

  3. What a feast for the eyes! I agree that it looks like the best weekend! I don't even know which one would be my favorite! Yum! 89 steals the show, she is so stinking cute!!

  4. Ah, what fun. I can't handle the pop-ups at Pine Box anymore, they're so crowded! (they are also always on days I work) but that Riverdel sandwich looks amazing.
    my valentines was nice but a little more subdued - though I certainly found myself wishing for a box of chocolates too. All those cakes are gorgeous, though - I'd have a hard time wanting to eat them.

  5. Wow. Just wow. You won the vegan chocolate internet.

  6. Basically, I'm speechless at the sight of such bounty. Two things I covet — the loaded Valentine brownie heart and the hazelnut chocolates. Oh, and the dog.


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