Thursday, August 4, 2016

Animals are Cute, Ice Cream is Yummy (Woodstock Farm Sanctuary)

Because I have great pals, I got to visit not one, but two Woodstock Sanctuary events in the last couple of months: Vegan Vitality and July Jamboree. Both events featured vegan vendors and, of course, animals galore. There were a ton of great folks in attendance and it was nice to spend time with friends, meet new like-minded people, and even hang out with some vegan celebrities. Yep, they go to vegans events too; THEY'RE JUST LIKE US.


You might be wondering what a vegan blogger says to such celebs when meeting them face to face. For me, it's mostly, "Animals are cute. Ice cream is yummy." Yep, that's all I got. Sorry, Paul. Sorry, Terry. I'm not good at self-promoting and I can get embarrassingly tongue-tied, which makes me state the obvious. Thanks to both of you for just being generally rad and not running away from me in horror.

That being said, enjoy some photographic highlights in general order of consumption and adulation.

Gone Pie lemon tahini heart cookie to start the day.

More Gone Pie stuffs: lemon poppyseed loaves, more tahini hearts, banana blueberry loaves. AKA yum, yum, yum.

Coconut brownies, fudge brownies, blondies.

Marty's V Burger crabby patty: succulent crab-like patty topped with jalapeno tartar sauce and crisp shredded lettuce on a sesame seed bun. Small but tasty.

Yeah Dawg cali kush dawg: classic dawg with kale caesar, coconut bacon, chipotle mayo, avocado. Yeah Dawg has ruined me for plain dogs forever. Luckily 89 is anything but plain.

Chocolate chip rainbow sprinkle peanut butter Bunnoli. Nothing like your mama's cannoli!

Guinea hen bed & breakfast on the premises.

Peaceful Provisions' almighty rainbow donut. Yep, you read that right.


Chickpea and Olive representing.

Pulled BBQ jackfruit with carolina slaw, bread & butter pickles, fried shallots, horseradish aioli, potato bun.

Chipotle cheddar mushroom melt with roasted mushrooms, slow cooked caramelized onions, v-cheddar cheese and chipotle aioli.

FINALLY got to try Like No Udder; they serve Temptation softserve on the truck (there's a storefront too!) and it's so dreamy creamy.

Just look at it and drool: vanilla/chocolate twist with cookie crumbs.

Any time is a good time to visit a sanctuary, but events make them extra special. Support your local sanctuary!


  1. You go to the coolest places!!! I ow you've visited sanctuaries before, but I think this post is my favorite. I want to hug the cow with the pink cast. All of the animals look so relaxed; what a beautiful way to spend one's life.

    All of the deliciousness, but the cookie crumb cone...oh yes.

  2. That rainbow doughnut is ridic! It looks beyond amazing, I need to get one asap. I love visiting farm sanctuaries, it's always the most fun.


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