Monday, July 25, 2016

89iversary X 4!

We recently celebrated our 89iversary, i.e., the anniversary of when 89 became a part of our family. Some people call it an adoptiversary, or "gotcha day;" we use 89iversary BECAUSE WE CAN.


Our celebration consisted of the usual fare. First, cookies!



From For the Love of Dog Biscuits, I made the summertime blueberry pumpkin biscuits. You can read more about the cookbook on Vegansaurus.


89 also had plenty of her other favorite foods, including watermelon. Video here for full chomping effect.


Next up: fun!
Because it's summer, we're hot, and we have a lifetime pool membership...we swam.

Ok, she mostly floated and posed, but there's actual swimming footage on IG.

And, finally: presents!


Who wouldn't want a box of poop? Come on, they're cute and you know it. Poop emoji toys for days. No, literally: days. 89 eviscerates her toys.

And, some more outfits to add to her collection of duds. That little white dog from The Secret Life of Pets makes very similar facial expressions to 89.

 No one is more deserving of a celebration than 89; I hope she enjoyed as much as I did.


  1. Oh my god, those outfits are unbelievable!! She is such a lucky dog, and you are a lucky human to have such a darling.

  2. eee 89! Happy 89iversary to 89 and her humans!

    Ms. Bean, I've had two questions about 89 that I've been sitting on for YEARS...

    1. What's up with her shoes? Are they to protect her feet, keep her clean, or just for fashion (nothing wrong with that)? (Or maybe she wears tiny orthotic inserts, to help her posture?)

    2. How'd she get her name? I don't think you've ever revealed this, and maybe it will always be a mystery. But if you and 89 are okay with us knowing... I've always wanted to know!

    I so enjoy reading your food and restaurant reviews, and seeing 89 in action. Thank you for sharing her with her adoring fans!

    1. Hi Megan, thanks for being an 89 fan!
      She's been wearing shoes from the get-go for a whole host of reasons.
      - For one, the elements. The pavement can be very hot in the summer and the ice melt salt is irritating in the winter.
      - Next, general protection. She's a fast walker and she's a puller. She's stepped on broken glass, rusty tin can lids, and a garter snake before I realized what was happening.
      - Stray voltage: rare, but true; Manhattan has had quite a few cases of dogs (and people) being electrocuted from stepping on something unexpectedly being electrified. The story of Jodie Lane and her dog is perhaps the most well known.
      - Cleanliness: I don't wear shoes in my home, so it seemed kind of weird to me that I'd let her dirty feet spread dirt & germs all through the floors and furniture even though I leave my own shoes at the door.

      Her name will have to remain a mystery for now! <3

  3. It's so obvious that 89 loves you and is so lucky to have such an awesome mom! What a wonderful celebration :))

  4. Yay! 89! It looks like the funnest day.


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