Monday, February 13, 2017

Orchard Grocer is Open for Business!

While most of you were huddled under the covers during yesterday's sleetstorm, this professional vegan was trekking through the elements to Orchard Grocer, the all vegan deli and food market that finally opened next door to MooShoes last week after much anticipation.

Why? Because I could not wait another day to check it out. I took this photo during one of many stalking occasions while they were under construction.

The interior is a sight to behold: shelves upon shelves of vegan staples, snacks, and delicacies.

There are beverages, candy, and more vegan cheeses than you can imagine.

I'm sure that in my excitement I missed seeing more than a few things, but I specifically appreciated the inclusion of typically hard to find items like Ranch Gordo beans and vegan nutella.

There's a deli area in the rear of the shop with a considerable selection of baked goods and prepared foods- both traditional and inventive. Check out the vegan lox (made from carrot)! I got some for OD and will report back.

The deli also serves made-to-order sandwiches.

So many varying choices; it was really difficult to decide.


Since it was early, I chose The Bowery. That's a lie; I love a breakfast sandwich and would order one anytime- thankfully this one is available all day.

Filled with [just eggy enough & perfectly pressed] turmeric tofu egg, [impeccably seasoned] tempeh bacon, and [smooth and creamy] Chao cheese on a [pillowy] potato roll; this is officially my new go-to, eastside, sammie shop. I mean, a potato roll? Come on!

My only complaint was that some members of the staff were a little pushy about their namesake sandwiches, making it slightly uncomfortable to enjoy my sandwich of choice in peace at the window seating. Perhaps someone can address this issue sooner rather than later? Just because you're cute doesn't mean you get to dictate what my tastebuds are craving.

*please note: kitty is next door in MooShoes, not in the market

Self-promotion notwithstanding, I managed to pick up some new and/or new-to-me items, as well as personal staples, and elusive flavors of longtime favorites- what more can you ask for upon a first visit?

Oh, you know what else? VEGAN SOFT-SERVE! That's right, Orchard Grocer is not messing around: vanilla, chocolate, and twist with optional toppings...cup or cone. The combinations are endless!

OG, we're going to be lifelong friends; I just know it.

Best of luck!


  1. Oh my gosh! THAT'S how I like my breakfast sandwich tofu. I can't wait to go.

  2. Ah I am dying to get here!! I love a good breakfast sandwich too - but that bagel & lox is cawwwlllin my name.
    maybe this weekend I'll stop in - I've been trying to spend less money on frivolous stuff but this looks way worth it.

    1. I got the lox to go and it's a little amazing. The smell is just what I remember and I really liked the taste (although I couldn't remember that). I want to try their macaroni and potato salads, as well as the rest of the menu- just not all at once.

  3. This place looks amazing! The breakfast sandwich is certainly drool worthy, and the indoor aesthetics are quite pleasing!

    1. I'm so happy there's a place like this in Manhattan!

  4. This is SO exciting!! I'm thinking i'll citibike over there tomorrow since it's supposed to be so nice out and i'll get some soft serve and pick up some cheeses! Your sandwich sounds fantastic, although the one with cashew cream cheese sounds good too...they all do. And btw, i see they have the Ripple milk-it's my new favorite! Really delicious and creamy

    1. I hope you've eaten your way through the menu!


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