Friday, February 23, 2018

Divine Treasures Valentine's Day 2018

Had a special treat for Valentine's Day this year: chocolates from Divine Treasures!

In addition to the above assortment, which we'll get back to, were other wonderful treats that I'm still enjoying because I'm trying not to overdo it (for example, please see previous V-day posts).

The first thing I dug into was one of these Hettie the Hedgehogs. Filled with coconut cream and almonds, these are basically the most delicious coconut/almond/dark chocolate candy bars, but, because they're hedgehog-shaped, they're infinitely superior to any non-hedgehog shaped candy bar. Absolutely DELICIOUS and the proportion of chocolate to yummy filling was perfection. i have a special affinity for hedgies because 89 loves 'em (plush versions). *edited to ad that you can't tell how cute the hedgie is in this pic because if I open another one, I will immediately stuff it in my pie hole.

Then I opened the assortment, which was wrapped quite nicely (bag not included).

Even better, though, was the fact that there was a chocolate key inside! You know: the little chart that tells you exactly which chocolates are which flavors; I love that.

But the BEST part about getting an assortment like this is that dogs can't eat chocolate, so... NO SHARING NECESSARY! Sorry, nerd.


The first thing I devoured ate was the non-pareils. Lucky for me, there was another box full of them lurking in my V-day package, so there were many to fall back on.


The rest of the flavors were truly an assortment. I've done you the favor of rating them one through eight, with 1 being best (obviously). I'm hoping this information will be very helpful to my chocolate benefactors when buying me more chocolate you.

Here's some specifics to back up my ratings:
  1. mello bar: vegan marshmallow, crisp rice and chocolate. WOW. Who doesn't want what basically amounts to a chewy, marshmallowy krackel bar?
  2. non-pareils: chocolate covered in naturally dyed organic sprinkles. First of all, you get two in this slot, so that's a major bonus. Secondly, when I was a kid, the Russell Stover assortment my dad got me annually had one slot that was filled with two candies and we called those the dog biscuits and I would get fed them under the table. TRUE STORY. Last, I love sprinkles, so the non-pareils are always a winner.
  3. peanut butter melt: organic peanut butter and chocolate. I mean, obviously. The peanut butter in this was subtle, which somehow made it fancier. It also really did melt in my mouth, which was kind of awesome.
  4. hazelnut praline: Enough said, right? Agreed.
  5. caramel with sea salt: caramel with himalayan pink salt. Super soft caramel with a medium coating of chocolate and a dusting of salt.
  6. toffee bark: ground toffee mixed in our chocolate. I expected to like this one much more than I did. The toffee just had all of the stick-to-your-teethedness with not as much toffee flavor as I would have liked.
  7. woodford reserve bourbon with pecans: OOF; this was STRONG! I actually had to take a bite, eat a different candy, and then come back to this one. I swear there was a whole pecan (yay!) in there and probably a full shot of bourbon (oof).
  8. strawberry margarita: tequila & sea salt. I'm going to be honest with you; I did not even try this one. I'm not super into fruit in chocolate AND I hate margaritas; they taste like when you get ocean water up your nose. VM ate it and immediately confirmed, "you wouldn't have liked it."

Other than my chocolate, 89 got a pink stuffed lamb to devour and flowers.

I got flowers too. Beautiful. Not edible.

When's the next chocolate-appropriate gift-giving holiday?
In the meantime, you can check out 89's insta for the rest of her valentine's outfits and assorted shenanigans.


  1. I'm really happy that you posted this. I've been looking for a vegan chocolate assortment for years. I ordered one from another company on an on-line vegan store. It was so bad that after trying a sample I threw the entire box in the trash. I have a feeling this assortment will fare a lot better.

    1. I was really impressed with this one! I think the longer I'm vegan the better the options become. So, things I found satisfying years ago aren't necessarily my favorites now. Hope you enjoy these!

  2. What beautiful chocolates! I love non-pareils too.

    Yay, 89! Love that sweet face!

    1. There's just something about non-pareils AND 89 ;-)

  3. I'm having some serious chocolate envy. What a chocolately haul! I didn't know that non-pareils were the proper name for those chocolates - we used to call them jazz drops as kids! Also, why isn't more food hedgehog shaped?!

  4. I am so distracted by the coconut cream hedgehog (also my parents dog favorite toy) and the various other stuffed chocolate animal shapes they offer (the mouse! A frog!!)
    I agree with you that the booze can stay out of my chocolate- i like both but just not together. The chocolate rice crispy treat totally sounds fabulous, and anything with chocolate and hazelnut makes me happy! Looks like a lovely way to celebrate the holiday :)


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