Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My (in progress) Vegan Top 100 (75 for now) Eats: NY, NJ, PA…and even a few from the West Coast (in no particular order)

1. Anything from VeganTreats. Go to the shoppe in Bethlehem for the largest selection, or enjoy at area restaurants far and wide.
2. Fruity Pebbles: an oldie and goodie; eat a whole box at a time because you know you want to.
3. Turkey club from Teany (currently closed) with pasta salad.
4. Sinner bar from Sacred Chow. Bite into the ridiculously thick shell of dark chocolate and be prepared for the coconut and caramel goodness oozing inside.
5. Lilly’s Vegan Challah bread from various Whole Foods (spotted at Columbus Circle, Chelsea, and Bowery).
6. Klein’s mint chip ice cream. Carried by some area restaurants (Red Bamboo, Govinda’s, etc.), but save yourself the trouble and head over to the Klein’s shop & distribution center in Brooklyn for a buffet of choices to enjoy on the go or to take home.
7. Philly's Mi Lah Vegetarian’s weekend brunch. A great deal including a hot beverage, delicious juice combinations, fresh fruit, baked goods and, oh yeah, your actual brunch. I’d go for the combo plate that includes the incredible omelet: best “egg” breakfast in the tri-state area.
8. Order anything at Hangawi and prepare to enjoy the complimentary kimchi. Skip the “regular” and glom the spicy.
9. The biggest sundae you can fit into a bowl at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. Go here now and often.
10. Pumpkin soup served in a fresh, edible squash at Millenium, San Francisco.
11. Black eyed pea and potato appetizer, Phyllo Roulade entrée, billberry juice from Blossom.
12. Hot chocolate from Candle 79. The creamiest, most milk chocolatey hot chocolate I’ve ever had…and I don’t even like milk chocolate.
13. Pumpkin whoopie pie from Back to Eden Bakery (or anything else for that matter) in Portland.
14. Veggie combination platter from Makeda in New Brunswick, NJ.
15. Puttanesca Spaghettini from Gargiulo’s, sans anchovies. Go near the holidays and enjoy freshly roasted chestnuts for dessert.
16. Nathan’s French fries
17. Portland's own Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce
18. Pumpkin chocolate chip cake from Karma Road Café in New Paltz. The best thing about Karma Road is that they understand that every baked good can benefit from a healthy dose of chocolate chips. And they will happily empty the jar of biscotti so you can have the piece with the most chips.
19. Blossoming Lotus Irvington: Best. Chai. Ever. Enjoy after the nicest and most delicious vegan meal you’ll enjoy in Portland.
20. Messy Marcy sundae from Maggie Mudd, San Francisco.
21. Corn dog from Hungry Tiger Too, Portland.
22. Just about anything Horizons, Philly can cook up.
23. Cheesecake from Franchia.
24. Chocolate covered macaroon from Peacefood Café.
25. Banana Latte smoothie from Garden Café on your way to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.
26. Stosh’s Kettle Corn. Can order online, or buy fresh from the Woodbury Commons kiosk where they offer fresh watermelon lemonade in the summer.
27. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss ice cream.
28. Wise Onion Rings
29. Manner dark chocolate covered hazelnut wafer cookies (tastes like kit kats!).
30. Pommes Frites: love it.
31. Moroccan Tempeh from Café Blossom.
32. Sweet and Sara: my faves are the toasted coconut covered marshmallows and the incomparable Rocky Road bark.
33. Some combination of the Tim Curry, Baby Beluga, Shed potato cakes and potato salad from the Tin Shed Garden Café in Portland. Must be accompanied by a Hot Monkey Pepper Vodka Bloody Mary.
34. Fresh-baked, cinnamonny chocolate chip cookie from Basic 4 Vegetarian Snack Bar in Philly's Reading Terminal Market.
35. Just about everything marked vegetarian on the PF Chang’s menu.
36. Buffalo Wings and Fried Shrimp from Red Bamboo.
37. Vegan M&Ms from Economy Candy.
38. Frittata Florentine from Counter. I know it’s not on the menu anymore, but it should be.
39. Maoz falafel salad with double hummus, filled to the brim with fresh veggies from the almost all vegan “toppings” bar.
40. Amy’s soups. So good, so convenient; why aren’t they all vegan?
41. Chocolate Chip Scone from Whole Foods.
42. Herr’s ketchup potato chips.
43. Dr. Cow cheese; I get mine at the Westerly Market.
44. Love goldfish, cheez-its, but not all the crap? Stuff your face with Eco-Planet cheese crackers in the shapes of smileys and hybrid cars.
45. Daiya: ‘nuff said
46. Veggie Burrito Loco (hold the cheese, sauce, and sour cream) from Carlos O’Connors in Red Bank, NJ.
47. Loved the dessert at the now closed Down to Earth? Chances are it was Chef Adam Sobel’s chocolate ganache cake; order your own from Certified Orgasmic.
48. Sit outside and enjoy a croquette and any sandwich on coco bread- only at Red Bamboo Brooklyn.
49. Freddy Guy’s hazelnuts.
50. Hawaiian Chicken from Vegetarian’s Paradise 2.
51. Cinnamon Sugar or Choco Coco doughnut from Mighty O, based in Seattle.
52. Chipotle
53. The vegan entrée at the beautiful Four Seasons restaurant. They’re expensive and they’re snooty, but they deserve credit: it's about time they veganized their vegetarian plate!
54. Best thing at Babycakes: biscuit with cream and jam.
55. Starbucks soy Peppermint Mocha (boo to the non-vegan Pumpkin Spice)
56. Red Mango's red velvet cake at the T-Salon in the Chelsea Market.
57. Liz Lovely chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered Newmans, and Chocolate Moosedragon cookies. I’m sure they do other things well, but I’m all about their chocolate offerings.
58. Charlie Brown at Sweet Pea Bakery.
59. Milk shake made from dark chocolate sorbet and soy milk at the Bent Spoon, Princeton. They don’t advertise the term vegan, but will tell you what is if asked.
60. Uncle Eddie’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They’re soft.
61. Rutherford, NJ's Sweet Avenue Bake Shop’s Old Skool cupcake. Seriously, make sure you go when they are on the menu: Tuesdays and Thursdays only.
62. The freshest, softest, most potatoey gnocchi ever: from Portobello Vegan Trattoria
63. Govinda’s Philly Chicken Cheesesteak, Philly: sauce is delicious, but beware; it’s messy and it might wind up in your lap.
64. So far, any contribution at Veggie Conquest.
65. Rose City Chocolates: online and in Boonton, NJ.
66. Chick-O-Stick donut from Voodoo Doughnuts
67. Sprookies from Dave’s Killer Bread
68. Go Max Go Jokerz bar (try it on ice cream).
69. Potato Champion: the west coast’s answer to our Pommes Frites.
70. Soy Delicious Purely Decadent chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
71. Portland's Holy Kakow chocolate sauce.
72. Whatever they’ll prepare for you vegan at Vynl diner.
73. Soft serve at Kyotofu. It’s good, it’s in midtown, and it’s ice cream for YOU.
74. Chocolate chip Snackimals cookies; get ‘em and share them with your best friend.
75. Did I already mention Vegan Treats? Donuts, buns, cookies, ice cream, CAKES, brownies, crumbs, bars…


  1. Thanks for the mention!!! We posted your list on our Twitter: We just love these lists!!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I LOVE the VT shoppe; it's my favorite "brunch" spot!


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