Saturday, December 5, 2009

Animal Friendly Esprit Coats: If You Look Hard Enough

Winter is upon us on the east coast; today we were treated to our first snowstorm of the season & it was a cold, wet, slushy mess. That said, I was even more freezing than usual.

In light of the impending, continuing, inclement weather, the stores have filled up with coats made up of our animal friends. It's easy to bypass the suede and leather because you can usually tell the real from the fake on sight (and neither keeps you warm anyway). But finding a warm, decently priced, true winter coat that is not made of wool or stuffed with down is more of a challenge. It's time consuming to read every label for content and disconcerting when you've gone through 100 and every one of them refers to "waterfowl" (yuck).

Last year I threw in the towel, but my Mom (who is never cold) persevered. I lucked out when she found me a completely man-made Esprit coat in Macy's. It was really toasty and had so many nice features that I was intent on getting another one this year. So, on my way home from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary's Thanksliving I stopped off at Woodbury Commons to visit the Esprit outlet. Lo and behold I had my choice of colors, lengths and styles; it was hard to choose just one. The other day was particularly wet, windy, and overall blustery: a perfect opportunity to test out my new coat. To my surprise, it was just as warm-- if not warmer-- than my first one.

I immediately logged onto the Esprit website to see what else they had to offer, but was disappointed that all of the coats on their site were filled with down. Then I visited their Flatiron retail store and found the same dilemma. So, basically the point of my rant is to tell you to get thee to an Esprit outlet because that seems to be the only place where you can get a warm, stylish, multi-functional, animal friendly coat suitable for the cold, wet days ahead. Know that I emailed the company to relay my gratitude and ask for some insight as to how to track down more animal friendly items and they never responded. Grrr*. Dudes, I thanked you for your product and asked you how I could buy more and you don't respond? Not cool.
**Speaking of grrr- what was up with that literal monstrosity that Aretha Franklin was wearing at the Rock Center tree lighting ceremony? Besides being hideously ugly, the mere sight of her wrapped up in hundreds of our animal friends was ridiculously more offensive than the Adam Lambert smooch and Janet Jackson's boob flash combined.

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