Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roman Bars: Get Them In Your Belly!

A few years ago I heard about Roman Bars, a sort of chocolate-covered fruit newton. They sounded yummy, but since I'm not a fan of the whole mixing fruit with dessert thing, I didn't give it much thought.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was reminded of them by QuarryGirl and I could no longer resist; that chick should be a food photographer! Seriously, my photo does not do justice to this delicious creation.

Anyhoo, The Roman Bar: it is, indeed, a supersized fruit newton cookie type thing covered in rich, dark chocolate. But, this ain't your mamma's fig newton; not even close. The fruit is sweet and tasty, the cookie is moist and yummy, AND IT'S COVERED IN DARK CHOCOLATE! It comes in three flavors, but rumor has it that only the raspberry & blueberry are vegan. Who needs you anyway, stupid apricot?  *please see comments for update!

So, even though I'm not a fan of raspberry flavored things, I tried the raspberry and it knocked my socks off. Then I gave one to my Mom who love, love, LOVES raspberry flavored things (especially paired with chocolate) and she nearly flipped. Then she looked at the calorie label and flipped again (apparently they're practically good for you, what with all that fruit & stuff). Then she pointed out that they reminded her of those chocolate-covered jelly grahams that you can get from the supermarket at Passover, except for that those are not nearly vegan because they contain gelatin and other assorted gross stuff.

Point being, these delicious combo concoctions can be considered a candy bar, a health bar, any kind of bar you want; I'm just telling you that they are delish. To re-cap: the fruit does not taste fake (uh, because it's not), the cookie is super moist, and whoever is in charge of the chocolate dipping deserves a round of applause for generosity.

Unfortunately, these suckers are not currently available on the east coast, but you can order them directly from the website. You have to order them by the box and it will seem silly to be buying 16-24 at a clip, but it won't seem silly once you taste one. And then taste one refrigerated. Then one frozen. Then one a little melty. Then hoard the rest from your mom only feeling a little bit bad because, after all, when you first went veg she acted annoyed that you didn't want Thanksgiving turkey even though you never liked turkey before and she never even liked turkey herself! Aw heck, share the Roman Bars with your mom, would ya please? Neither of you eat turkey!


  1. Hi Abigail!!!
    Just stumbled upon this wonderful review you wrote on our product! Thank you so much!
    You'll be happy to know we stopped producing the "dirty" Apricot bar a few months ago, just sticking with our two vegan flavors: Raspberry and Blueberry. The Raspberry flavor is our biggest seller and is also wheat free.
    Thanks again,
    Beverly Starno

  2. See that folks, a company that's super vegan-friendly AND has a sense of humor to boot.

    My quest to decide which flavor is the best excuse to eat one of each at every sitting :-)


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