Monday, January 20, 2014

Farewell Foodswings

A friend stopped by vegan fast-food staple Foodswings in Brooklyn this weekend to find it unexpectedly closed during normal business hours.  A little bit of Facebook sleuthing revealed that many others had a similar experience; so, it would appear that Foodswings has bid us an even earlier adieu than previously expected.  [UPDATE 1/24/14: Foodswings will be open today through 1/26!].  As you might have heard, Foodswings was originally slated to close at the end of the month, making this all the more surprising.


Normally I'd suggest keeping an eye out just in case they reopen for a goodbye blowout, but it's not looking promising.

aka Fatswings

Like many vegans disappointed by the impending demise of the institution of Foodswings, a few friends and I made a plan to enjoy some of their famous drumsticks earlier this month- before they disappeared for what seems like will be for good.

The place was pretty crowded- even Dr. Michael Gregor, nutrition expert, was there to show his support.


The decor was slightly different from what I remembered, but the atmosphere was as frenetic as usual.

The menu, however, was mostly the same.  Since I didn't want to waste any stomach space on extraneous foods I can enjoy elsewhere, I decided to focus on the delicious drumsticks.  I even waived the combo plate options of salad or mac.

The Southern Fried drumstick with sweet mustard dipping sauce has always been my favorite, so that was a given.

But, on this occasion, I decided to bid them all a fond farewell.

The assortment:
Southern fried (1 of 2!): "battered and fried;" also known as the best!


Barbeque: "drenched in BBQ sauce and fired up on the grill;" really good: a little sweet, a tiny bit smoky.

Buffalo style: "breaded, fried,and then smothered in buffalo sauce; served with bleu cheese;"  I know this is everyone else's favorite, but it's my least.  Plus, the bleu cheese doesn't hold a candle to the sweet mustard.


Sweet Southern fried: "battered, fried, and then drenched in a sweet BBQ sauce;" so, the problem with this one for me is that the BBQ mushifies the perfect crunch of the southern fried batter.


Aaaand, the rad sweet mustard.


We were all so focused on the matter at hand (stuffing our faces) that properly recording the table's other indulgences slipped my mind.  Nachos, disco fries, and mac 'n' cheese were all represented whilst I focused solely on the drumsticks.  No regrets.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for any new developments, but it does appear that they've closed permanently.

Non-vegans are prone to dismissing veganism because "there are so many people who need help"- presumably before animals.  In most cases, those making such declarations don't actually do anything to help humans, so it's just a theoretical excuse.  In the broader picture, by helping animals we are helping humans; veganism is a tremendous start towards alleviating all unnecessary suffering.  And, the bottom line is: you don't bring any harm to humans by helping an animal. 

Support vegans.  Support their events, products and businesses.  But, most of all, support their plight.  It's just as easy to go vegan in order to consciously decrease animal suffering as it is to make excuses and continue to directly contribute to it.  Take responsibility for your actions


  1. Another gem of a quote from the Bean:

    " helping animals we are helping humans; veganism is a tremendous start towards alleviating all unnecessary suffering. And, the bottom line is: you don't bring any harm to humans by helping an animal."

  2. Almost forgot to say, extra good quote for proper semi-colon usage!

  3. Nice post!!

    Do the owners of Foodswings have any future plans?

  4. It's always sad when a favorite vegan restaurant closes. Wouldn't it be nice if they could share recipes before disappearing? And I agree with Gone Pie's assessment of your parting quote. Step up, people, step up.

  5. At least you got to enjoy Foodswings while it lasted, and did your best to promote it and keep it in business.

  6. So is that why they closed? They just weren't getting enough business? I mean, that area is inCREDibly expensive but I thought people loved that place. I was never a big fan but I do remember fondly one long ago philly cheezesteak that I shared with Haxan when I first got her...

  7. Abby,

    I could really go for a wing (or 10) right about now.

  8. oh my god, I am going to miss this place so much! First Viva Herbal Pizzeria now Foodswings... 2014 is not starting off well for my favorite NYC vegan spots :(

  9. So sad... I was there in November, on one of the last days of my trip, and I told myself I really should have taken advantage of my trip to New York to go to Foodswings more than once. I did not even know it was going to close. It was probably my favorite spot in New York.

    I'm totally with you regarding helping animals/humans and supporting vegan businesses.

  10. And amen to your last paragraph. Also, I maintain that helping vegans helps people too - the meat industry isn't good to its workers, and global warming helps noone.

    Also, when it gives you drumsticks like that, how can you ever doubt it's anything but good and right?! Fingers crossed Foodswings comes back in some othr form.

  11. Gone Pie- Thanks!!

    Stacy- According to their FB page, a plan is not imminent.

    Andrea- I think- particularly in this case- they could sell their recipes!

    The Shenandoah Vegan- It's such a shame; NY is experiencing a lot of closures of late.

    foodfeud- According to their FB page, their rent tripled. Even busy, that would severely cut into their profits.

    My Vegan Gut- remember that full, thirsty feeling when we left?

    Ali- Viva indeed; I'm hearing rumors they may reopen west of Houston (roundabout Ave A).

    Babette- Hopefully they'll have a new incarnation by the time you return!

    Joey- Here's hoping!

  12. I'm totally gonna miss Foodswings. I'm so glad I managed to stop by for some drumsticks when I was in NYC earlier this month!

  13. My, my, these are scrumptious drumsticks! The Southern ones look so good! My partner would probably go for the BBQ and/or saucier ones! The sweet mustard is definitely rad. I want to try their mac & cheese, too! I’m sorry to hear that they’ve closed permanently… can they go back to catering????


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