Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Support Vegan Owned Businesses

More proof that many things are simply habit...I'm still posting every day even though Vegan MoFo is over!

This will just be a quick one.  The friendly folks over at Herbivore recently posted these three digital placards for you to post, share, and heed.

Sure, it's great to spread the word of veganism by making requests of non-vegan companies/corporations/establishments.  And who can resist the draw of something unexpectedly and accidentally vegan?  But let's not forget the vegan-owned-and-operated businesses that fight the good fight, solely for veganism, every single day. 

Just a few vegan businesses to consider when holiday shopping this season:
Crazy Rumors - best chapstick ever
Food Fight - all kinds of goodies
Gone Pie - baked goods, chocolates, and gluten-free yums
Herbivore - best ever messagewear and accessories
MooShoes - shoes & bags from everyday to couture, messagewear, and generous vegan event space
Rescue Chocolate - chocolate bars and treats (peanut butter pit bulls for everyone!)
Sweet and Sara - marshmallowy gifts and more
Vegan Treats - cookies, donuts, cakes, etc.

A gift certificate to your favorite vegan restaurant or a donation to a compassionate sanctuary is also a great idea.



  1. I think the signs were created by the Snarky Vegan. Great idea to support vegan businesses, and don't forget the Vegan Etsy folks and the bloggers who sell cookzines. I'm going to order a few "Papa Tofu Cooks Ethiopian" for gifts!

  2. This is pretty cool. I'm sort of anti-consumerist and anti-unecessaries but when the money goes to companies I can align myself with politically, and supports smaller businesses PLUS get some tasty vegan food or a cute scarf or something, well, I can handle that :) These placards would be fun to print and pass out at both vegan AND non-vegan places - to show them where the potential dollars are!

  3. I've been reading through aaall these Vegan MoFo posts and I loved reading your blog! Even though the cleanse seemed really hard, I think it's a great way to learn new healthy foods and how sugary goods have an impact on your body and life. That doesn't mean I would ever spend my life without eating cake ;).
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to keep on following your writings!

  4. Andrea, Thanks- excellent points! I bought that zine myself & am saving it for cooking in my new kitchen (hurrah!)

    ff, There are always a handful of people for whom I don't know what to gift, so spreading the good vegan word is always my default!

    veggieecolife, Thank you; I'm happy you're reading and thrilled you share in my thoughts about the importance of cake ;-) More of that now that the cleanse is over!

  5. I don't really think that Lula's counts as a "restaurant" although you do eat there for dinner quite often...


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