Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure Everyone Needs a Tofu Xpress

I can remember first hearing about the Tofu Xpress years ago, but I never got around to actually buying one.  Sure I knew that the fact that it took me hours to press the tofu*, unrefrigerated, under a stack of heavy objects (that often toppled and broke anything in their path) was archaic, but deep down I was waiting for someone to buy one for me.  It was fairly priced, useful, and perfect for a vegan; I waited and waited, but no one ever did.   

Now that I'm in the process of moving (yes, it's the world's longest renovation), I decided it would make a great housewarming myself.  So, I took matters into my own hands and went ahead and ordered it.

The Xpress arrived quickly in a small, unassuming box that I contemplated for a few days before unpacking.

When I finally opened it and inspected the contents, it seemed sleek and well designed.  It did occur to me that it might be convoluted to figure out, but a few friends assured me that I was going to love it and I hoped that I would.

Extra credit for coming with a tofu coupon!

I read some of the instructions and started out by putting it in the dishwasher as directed; I was immediately impressed  because I'm not a big fan of hand washing (Clarification: I wash my hands all the time; I don't like to hand-wash dishes.).

Then I was ready to use it.  I consulted the directions again and plopped in my rinsed tofu cube (am I the only one who does this?).

Then I assembled the lid, the spring,

and the top: super simple.

I placed it in the fridge and was going to leave it overnight,

but an hour later there was plenty of water separated from it, so I decided it was done.

At this point, you simply empty the water (sorry; I drained it before remembering to photog) and proceed as usual.  If you wish, fill the Xpress with your marinade (I used double the tofu teriyaki recipe from CSD p. 217),

cover with the marinading lid, and put it back in the fridge.

I let the tofu marinate overnight,

and then baked it on a lightly greased cookie sheet for 45 minutes at 350, turning a few times.  I knew as soon as it came out of the oven that I'd done well; it looked professionally prepared.  I served my gorgeous tofu over brown rice...

and topped it with peppers, onions, and cashews I'd sauteed in the leftover marinade.

While I knew it looked impressive, it wasn't until I cut into the tofu that I had an inkling of how great it would taste; it was my favorite part of the dish.  Look at that texture!  Credit goes to the Tofu Xpress, but I am super proud that I was able to achieve this level of tofu cookery.  It was absolutely scrumptious.

I can't say enough good things about the Tofu Xpress, especially since most of them bode so well with my inclination towards laziness:
  • it takes up hardly any room in your cabinet
  • it's simple to use
  • it's convenient that you can press your tofu and marinate it in the same container
  • the clean-up couldn't be easier
  • the results are fantastic in hardly any time at all and with barely any effort whatsoever

I don't know what I was thinking not buying this sooner; it truly is fantastic.  See, I knew all along that it would have made a great gift; someone definitely should have bought this for me!  I highly recommend this as a wonderful gift- to yourself or someone you know who might just be waiting for someone to buy it for them too.  Don't make them buy it for themselves to find out how convenient and useful it is; you buy it, YOU take the credit!  Otherwise they'll only have themselves to thank.  Ahem.

*Disclaimer: I'm not, generally, a tremendous tofu fan.  Clearly this is because I haven't prepared it well enough.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I rinse my tofu, too. I thought you were supposed to. If I didn't already have a Japanese pickle press, I'd probably buy a tofu express. My pickle press takes up more room, but it makes amazing quick pickles out of cucumbers, cabbage — whatever. Your press will do that, too, on a smaller scale.

  2. Andrea, I'm pretty sure what you're telling me is that I need a Japanese pickle press too.

  3. 1. I have put off purchasing my own tofu press for the same reasons.

    2. I rinse my tofu too! I don't trust that water it's packed in. Even the non-water-packed kind, I still prefer to rinse.

    3. that looks so delicious, I should really just buy a press already... ;)

  4. Looks like a great thing!! I don't make tofu much anymore, and we always freeze it so there isn't much water left. But do love this!

  5. Nice job! I often wait around for gifts too, haha, just hoping someone will pick up out of the silence just what I desire. It's cool because then I can get angry and be like, "How did you not know I wanted one of these???" Anyway, the tofu looks great. The texture is a huge part of the taste.

  6. Wait ... is this for *making* tofu, or for pressing tofu that you've already bought?

  7. Ali- do it!

    GSGV- I've never frozen my tofu, but this impressed me so much I'll probably never try any other method.

    ff- seriously, why can't people we know read our minds?

    veganactivist- The TofuXpress is a tofu press. Making my own tofu is way out of my league.

  8. I usually buy firm tofu and marinate it. I'm too 'lazy' to 'press' and 'drain' the tofu overnight. This sounds like a nifty gadget!

  9. Kim- I buy extra firm & it still benefits from pressing. With the Xpress it takes an hour to press, a second to drain, and as long as you want for marinating. Highly recommend.

  10. Abby,

    The Tofu-Xpress seems amazing. After reading this blog, I think it'll add it onto my 'must have' list. It seems simple and practical. I really like that you baked and not fried. Many tofu-brownie points for that. Enjoy.

    PS, Abby Bean. I was going to buy you a Tofu-Xpress as yet another housewarming gift. I was upset when I learned on facebook you already ordered one. Blah, Blah, Blah.

  11. MVG- Oh, MAN; I can't believe I've foiled my own gift. The blahs might continue, but that doesn't mean the gifts have to; it's enough that you put up with the blahs!


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