Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Remix

Nope, I'm not baking out of season; I'm just really behind on my blogging and found this post missed being published this summer.

Enjoy & stay warm!

Another $1.99 pineapple coupon pineapple, another pineapple upside down cake.

My cake from last year was a huge success, but I decided that this time I would try to make it using the pineapple right side up cupcake recipe for the cake.  I made a couple of minis; this one was for a certain pineapple-upside-down-cake-loving-friend.

It was good, but while the cupcakes are divine, I have to say that the upside down cake should be baked as is!  Subbing the sweeter recipe for the cake made the cake way too sweet- even for me.  Also, this batter always cooks up extremely moist, which means it soggifies very quickly.  Not so with the original cake recipe as directed.

So obviously it was my duty to make another one using the original recipe.  Notice that my design technique has significantly improved.

Once again, the cake perfectly browned:

And what do you know; the top caramelized as expected.  This recipe really is no fail (even for me).

I'm not above taking shortcuts, but fresh pineapple is a must.  So, bookmark this one for next summer!


  1. It really embarrasses me to admit this, but I don't think I've ever had pineapple upside cake... it looks like I've been missing out!

  2. My fave!! I need to learn how to bake this myself, but it will never be as good as yours!

  3. Looks so delicious , I have to learn how to make pineapple upside cake.

  4. Looks amazing Bean! And extra points for the cast-iron (which actually seeps iron, and essential nutrient, into your food while cooking) as well as those cute pineapples up top!

    If only you had a Vitamix you could have used the pineapple core for smoothies.

  5. Abby,

    I love the little real pineapple next to the two huge pineapple pillows. Only you/VM would have that around the house.

  6. great recipe. Might I ask where you found those great pillows too? Ive scoured the internet and cant find them. Or who manufactures them. thanks so much


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