Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eight Crazy Nights

This Hanukkah, I sent my self family Gone Pie's extraordinary pecan pie.

Since I ordered multiples for gifts and shipping was already built into the price, Gone Pie was kind enough to include a surprise...


The macaroons are soft, moist, and very lightly toasted on the outside.  There is no question that they look and smell extremely appealing, but my AB radar detected that something was missing.

Ah yes, Gone Pie's famous frosting; the decadent chocolateyness went terrifically with the mildly sweet macaroons!

The pecan pie was just as delicious as I remembered and I've decided that I like it best chilled.

I have to admit that after eating all of this, even I couldn't partake in the Sweet & Sara chocolate-covered marshmallow dreidel that I'd been saving (for 3 whole days!).  It was bestowed upon me by a dear friend who carefully assessed the chocolate to marshmallow ratio before gifting; I can't wait to eat it.  <3!

Luckily, tomorrow is another day...of Hanukkah.

"Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights!" - Adam Sandler, The Hanukkah Song


  1. Abby,

    Happy Hanukkah to the Jew in you.

    Gone-Pie looks amazing as always. I had the macaroons last week, and I agree with everything you said. I’m not a huge coconut fan, but they are made perfect. Soft, moist and toasted just right. I could use five-hundred more….. (hint-hint)

    After saving my Sweet & Sara chocolate dreidel marshmallow for three weeks, I gave in last night for the first night of Hanukkah, and OMG! As I posted of my facebook page, “It was five-yelp stars out of this world good.”

  2. Not a big fan of pecans but the macaroons sound absolutely fabulous. And frosting on top?? Wow. Happy Hannukah!


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