Monday, November 18, 2013

Flawless (and simple) Baked Tofu

You may recall the splattery tofu incident of  MoFo '13.  All that is a distant memory now, as I've taken the advice of a pal and used this baked tofu recipe to great result.


A shout-out to my Tofu Xpress for being rad, per usual.

Don't forget to use the marinade lid for double duty!

After not too long:

PERFECT texture:

The cubes are delish; you can use them for dipping, in salads, to jazz up leftovers, whatever! 

They also reheat nicely and taste good cold or at room temperature.

Tofu gets a bad wrap.  Sure: it doesn't look ultra appealing out of the package, but have you seen non-vegan alternatives?  It's just a matter of opening your mind to new tastes and allowing yourself to be amazed.  

I've been told that it's surprising that I'm "so into" food since there's so much I can't eat.  Make no mistake, the things that vegans don't eat aren't food: they're animal parts and secretions.  And, for the record, most people on a Standard American Diet have a far less varied diet than your standard vegan.  

Finally, a correction: I CAN eat whatever I want.  I choose to adhere to a vegan diet and lifestyle that eschews animal exploitation.  No matter what anyone says, you can't claim to love animals while continuing to eat them (wear them, use them for entertainment, etc...).  MAKE THE CONNECTION.


  1. hear! hear!

    Great post. I use to be one of those tofu haters, but recently I learned it's all about how it is prepared... and baking is the key.

  2. I like your statement, "I can eat whatever I want." Exactly. I had a conversation with a tour guide today who was complaining to me what a pain it is to have vegans on a two-week tour because they can't eat anything. I was very nice, but, well, I did give her some 'advice'.

  3. They do look perfect! I rarely bake my tofu these days, mostly because I'm lazy but also because I find I eat it so much more quickly when it's pressed and baked.
    Guess that's a testament to its being delicious, though.
    When I first started off as a vegetarian I definitely subsisted on those pre-baked Teriyaki tofu packages...

  4. BYOL- Do you use parchment paper?

    Go Nepie- Thanks!

    Andrea- Was your "advice" of the "don't be an idiot" variety? I'm really losing patience lately. If one more person tells me they "only eat chicken" I'm going to lose it all together. Do they want a parade?

    foodfeud- I know; did you see how much tofu was on my plate? I have no self-control! I think it was all tofu pups and fake nuggets for me.

  5. A simple baked tofu can be really good!!
    I also have a very hard time with the hipocracy of "animal lovers" who, don't worry, "only eat local humanely raised meat". Um. Yeah. Its still dead because you wanted dinner.

  6. When I read this post a few weeks ago, I was thinking that, I am a different kind of vegan, where I respected everyone's "effort" due to the difficulties presented by social norms etc... BUT THEN THANKSGIVING HAPPENED. Mother in law made butternut squash soup, but first bite I knew it had chicken broth. I said "it has chicken broth" and she didn't get why I wasn't going to eat it. explaining in vain that those chickens didn't just hop in a bath with cute little bathing caps... But she is a chronic sad abused animal fb poster, AND posts articles about veganism being better, but there is still meat in the tomato sauce! I don't get it. can i get it. /end rant. I love the tofu express. Love.

  7. Melios, Agree with everything! And major boo to sneaking chicken broth into a veg soup. I don't get how some vegetarians even give that sh-- a pass. NO ANIMALS!


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