Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Goodies For 89 From Pet London

It's now been a year since I was in London and, by extension, Pet London, but I have to revisit because this happened.

Yes, 89 has now swapped her jaunty, trademark clip for more formal attire.

You see, after hearing about my love of Pet London, VM gifted me this fabulous collar with inter-changeable ties!  Who doesn't need one of these?

disclaimer: this is the best picture I have because I dismantled it so quickly

It's going to be all ties, all the time- from here on out.

busy day at the office

 Thanks for having such cool stuff, Pet London!

And, as if that wasn't enough, Pet London was kind enough to send me a gift!

I was able to just barely contain my excitement.

89 wasn't!

I love it!

I saved it until my new door was installed so that my neighbors could admire it...and 89.

Truer words were never spoken; thanks for everything, Pet London!

P.S. Now that people know we're fans, the gifts have been rolling in:

We love it all (although the toys have already been loved a little too much…).  Thanks again!


  1. Nothing is done small at your place! I think 89 is going to need a full walk in soon, if that's not happening already.

  2. great post! 89 you amaze me with your style! Love it!

    happy birthday pup!

  3. Callie won't even speak to me after I showed her your post.

  4. This is why I never go anywhere. The guilt of leaving the babies behind.

  5. Susan, true! And, she's got drawers, hooks, and cabinets for her stuff all over the place!

    BYOL, thanks; I try!

    Megan Rascal, right?! Twins!

    Andrea, She just got a few hoodies and a new tie too!

    The Shenandoah Vegan, Luckily she can stay with family close by.

  6. aww, i love the little elephant and penguin toys!

  7. What a stylist set! I love these little dolls - Pet London is super sweet!


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