Thursday, April 11, 2013

LONDON: Pet London

Two vegans go to London and of course their first stop is Vx.  89's best bud in the universe goes to London and you can bet Pet London was the second stop. 

I found what seems to be London's premiere pet clothing and accessory shop through Google and I could tell instantly that it warranted a visit: I pretty much wanted one of everything on the website, but practiced self-control until I could visit in person.

Then, all bets were off!  The showroom is located on the 4th floor of an office building in a wholly professional-looking area of London.  I rang the bell for entry and answered a battery of questions before being buzzed in like a superstar.

As I can recall, they were something along the lines of, "What are you looking for?"  Pet London.  "What are you interested in purchasing?"  Dog accessories (even I know that sounds funny).  And, "Is your dog with you?"  She's in America, silly (okay; I didn't really say that).  And then I was in!

I got the sense that the shop- even though it's open Monday through Friday, is mainly an internet business.  

That's Poppy; she seems to be the mascot/official bed tester.

Even so, everything was displayed very nicely and there were tons to choose from: clothes, toys, beds, harnesses, leashes, hairclips, bowls, etc.  I'm actually really disappointed that I forgot to ask about the adorable car stickers; I 89 needs once since she too has now been officially "spoilt at Pet London".

I'm not sure if this caricature was based on Poppy [UPDATE: it is!], but it's adorable.  I may have gotten 89 a signature tee...

My haul!!!  Thanks to my traveling companion who was ridonkulously patient as I made my selections and didn't find it all weird that I had 89's measurements with me or that I described her as being "shaped like a white asparagus" (implication being long and skinny and meant in the most endearing way possible).

I can't lie; 89 was disappointed that the gifts were not edible.  But, look how cute!!

I mean, really; dogs in a double-decker London bus?  Instant vacation success.

I chased her around the house for about an hour in an attempt to adequately capture the adorableness of it all.  She loved it.

"Please stop taking pictures of me!"

Why, yes; this shirt does have a UK-themed messenger bag attached to it; thank you for noticing. 

I shall carry my cookies with me wherever I go.

Also a hood!

Ok; you can't really see the hood because she won't keep it on (I suspect the bulge from her enormous ears would make her self-conscious), but it's there.

And how cute is this London bus toy?  It's filled with dogs!  English dogs riding a doubledecker!

Unfortunately, 89 may only appreciate it from afar if I have any intention of it remaining in one piece; she has a habit of disemboweling toys in a most unsettling manner.

true story

Finally, I did get 89 a signature tee. 

But, you probably already guessed that...

London Tip: Dogs must be carried.

only red dogs?

For reals.

Okay; on the escalator.

London Tip: The tube is much deeper underground than the subway; there's usually a lift or an escalator to street level; USE IT!

Do not make the mistake of attempting to walk up a stopped escalator without first looking up and surveying exactly how high you'll have to climb.

After many rest breaks, we turned around to appreciate our accomplishment.  Believe me; much like landmarks, this looks much more inconsequential than it appears in reality.  And to all of those Englishmen and women riding the escalator up who were laughing at us; we deserved it!


  1. 89 looks dashing in her new wardrobe, and you never know, she may find some of the new gear edible to compensate for not receiving any London treats. Especially the bus, if she ever gets her paws on it.

    I remember how astonished I was at the height of the tube escalators. They were quite intimidating to someone who doesn't enjoy heights. I don't remember the warning signs, and didn't realize they were 15 stories high. They felt like 30 to me. :)

  2. So cute!! Who took care of 89 while you were on vacation? Did I miss that info?

  3. Thanks, Andrea. Thankfully she's not graduated to chewing her clothes- just her toys, beds, and the corner of my night table...AHEM.

    foodfeud; thank you. 89 stayed at the 5 star doggy resort also known as my parent's house: larger and swankier than what she's used to and I suspect the cookies are given out much more freely.

  4. Abby,

    89 is such a supermodel. She needs to be covered in nothing less than 24k gold and diamonds.


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