Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Highlights from 89's Birthday!

Just some scenes from 89's 3rd (long) birthday (weekend) last week!

I locked her in a (large) closet the night before so I could wrap her presents.

We started the day with a new poncho and a long walk.

In hindsight, it was maybe a little too windy.

Then we threw some Hello Kitty and festive birthday wear into the mix.

The grandhumans came over and a fight broke out between 89 and a trio of balloons.

Eventually everyone calmed down.


VM is a pro-wrapper from way back.

This is the kind of love that hurts.

Sorry, Hedgie.

You'd think this was an inedible cupcake.

You'd be wrong.

When the mail comes you can usually expect it's for 89. This time: from Wagatha's.

A ginormous bag of vegan dog treats.

She seemed to think it was a trick at first.

But then stuck her fat face in and stole two at once.

A birthday bow and a new bandana from V-dog.

A little relaxation.

And then a conk-out.

It's going to be a very good year for 89!


  1. Ay yi yi. Happy Birthday 89, you are one lucky pup!
    The hedgehog...not so lucky.

  2. Prima Donna! I count no less than three outfits changes and at one point getting butt naked. She will be a holy terror by age four,

  3. Best. Post. Ever. She is absolutely adorable, and you've created an awesome storyboard. I laughed, I smiled. And 89 is a great model! SO CUTE! Happy birthday!!

  4. 89's birthdays are better then mine! Happy Birthday cutie.

  5. MTV should do a reality show about 89s birthday! Happy birthday 89. Hope it was PAWsome!

  6. Happy Birthday, 89. I think you had a better birthday than I did!

  7. This is amazing, and OMG, I hope Vee doesn't read this post. His birthday was two days and we did NOTHING out of the ordinary--but at least we are getting some epic two hour walks in here with my brother and his dog. HBD89!


  8. Awww Happy Birthday 89! I love the cupcake hugging picture, so cute!

  9. If I ended up with a bag of biscuits that big on my birthday, I'd consider that a really good day!


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