Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cruelty-Free Holiday BBQ

Because this is America, the Fourth of July has become quite the eating spectacle. Because we are vegan, it's as good a time as any to show that vegan celebrations include everything you need for a fantastic BBQ. 

grill marks courtesy of OD

 Mine also had lots of 89. Or, I don't know, the usual amount.

The whole plate.
I'm all about the Field Roast franks these days.


An auxilliary burger because you shouldn't have to choose. This one was Amy's black bean veggie burger and it was not good. At all. No taste, little substance, and looked anemically unappetizing. Not only wouldn't we buy again, but we've agreed to ditch what's left in the box.

Here's my extraordinarily disappointing potato salad. Peacefood used to make my favorite potato salad, but Terri stole the crown a few years ago because they make the best potato salad in all the land. I think this will henceforth fall into the category of not worth trying when others do it so well.


Thank goodness VM found me these Deep River sea salt & vinegar chips so that I was able to enjoy one potato product this weekend.

Oh, and cookies: chocolate chip (with pecans) from Chloe's Kitchen.

More 89.

She ate plenty too. Video documentation on our shared IG.

She's smiling on the inside.


  1. Too bad about the potato salad! I haven't tried either Peacefood or Terri and have always been fairly satisfied with my own...but now i live in fear of not having had the best in all the land!!!
    Love the BBQ chip topping, that is the best way to go. I only ate half a FR frank yesterday & didn't want to use up a whole bun so toppings were pretty spare - luckily those dogs are delicious & it didn't need much.

    1. I think you have a good strategy. I might dress 1/2 bun and 1/2 dog (sliced lengthwise) combos from now on!

  2. 89!! She is the best part of any holiday!! I've had plenty of disappointing veggie burgers, so I feel your pain. The veggie dog looks fantastic, however!

    1. It seems like something we can get right with some regularity at this point, no? I think I may like the dogs better anyway, natch.

  3. It looks like a fun barbecue! I love those Field Roast frankfurters too. That's too bad about the veggie burgers. It's always disappointing when you have a whole box of something and don't like it.

  4. How disappointing that the amy's burger was so bad! I can't even eat vegan faux hot dogs, they're just entirely too realistic for me...
    I've been making regular stops at by chloe for the soft serve lately, but how have i not had the cookies?!?? Going to have to fix that.


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