Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Well, another Chrismukkah has come and gone for my Christmas and Hanukkah- celebrating family. Since I've eaten nothing but white carbs for weeks, I'd say it's just in the nick of time.


Some highlights of our merriment:

Early on, there was Hanukkah gelt from Gone Pie, Italian cookies from Sweet Maresa's, and dinner at Garguilo's. I went to see some of my favorite, NYC, holiday lights with a friend.

Columbus Circle (OD tells me it's no longer called the Time Warner bldg)

Saks Fifth Avenue light show- worth the (short) wait

This experience warmed my heart in early December:
When I got on the C train at 59th there was a young woman playing the electric violin whilst hula-hooping in half a Santa suit. I got on the train smiling, as did a father with two kids, who all sat next to me. Another man sat across from us and, as we rode, he asked the father if he could have his phone to take a photo of the family. The father handed his phone over and the man took a couple of photos moving, then a couple more when the train stopped. When he handed the phone back to the father, he said, "Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and we don't see ourselves how others see us. I wanted you to see." 

When the man got off the train he wished the father and his sons a Merry Christmas and they shook hands. The younger son said to the father, "That was nice." The father then explained to the kids that if they had done anything even the slightest bit differently in their day- stayed or left the party they were coming from just a minute more or less, that they would have missed meeting the man.

The father then showed me the photos on his phone, which had perfectly captured his beautiful family. Then he showed me the video he'd taken of the violinist, and then another video of a group of subway performers from earlier in the day, who were inspired when someone randomly started dancing with them- thus causing them all to dance long after she'd left to catch her train.

When my stop came I was too choked up to say much more than happy holidays, but with all that's going on in the world, it was nice to see so much goodness spreading with the slightest provocation.

I took 89 to see Santa, but it did not go nearly as well as it has in years past- both with Mr. Claus and the Easter Bunny. I blame Santa.

 This is where her skirt is supposed to fall; it's not a collar. Seen best on home territory.

 Saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

I was pretty adamant that I wasn't going to get a tree this year because I was behind on everything. At what I thought was the last minute, I dragged a friend around NYC until I found this gem.

I tried decorating it, but when I saw my feelings reflected in my Hello Kitty ornament's despondent profile, I knew I had to get a real tree at what really was the last minute.

So, I took the Hanukkah half of my family and got me one.

89 was as surprised as everyone else that I caved.

 It was worth it.


VM did an amazing job with Christmas Eve/First Night of Hanukkah dinner, which was repeated on Christmas.

Her famous stuffed artichokes with a stalker.

And her infamous eggplant unrollatini.


There were lots of presents, of course; it happens when you're celebrating two holidays concurrently.

Some of us received more than others. 89 even overtook my stocking this year.

And was receiving gifts in the mail every time I turned around. Lucky duck!

Yep: Hanukkah...

 and Christmas.

Christmas morning we had Vegan with a Vengeance pancakes with maple syrup, So Delicious coco whip, and pickled pumpkin from a friend. Don't worry; she got plenty.

Of course, the requisite mid-day snax.

And, for dessert...the one and only rainbow cookie from Sweet Maresa's.

89 did very well this year.

But I think we can all agree on the best present she received. Expect warm ears and lots of Instagrams of this gem.

Here's hoping your holidays were happy ones.


  1. Happy New Year! 89's hat is the best!!!

  2. A wonderful holiday was had by all! Delicious pancakes, beautiful tree, and 89 wins the gift game - as she should! Santa does look a little uncomfortable, so I'm sure 89 knew it! She's a trooper.

  3. Oh, I love that story about the family on the subway train. You're right that, especially now, it's important to savor those moments of connection.


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