Monday, January 29, 2018

Smackin Whip Vegan Whipped Cream

The other day I was sitting at home, thinking about the current state of affairs with the whipped cream drought, when I receive a text from OD. I see whipped cream, I see vegan, and I see him telling me the price as if now is any time for comparison shopping. WHO CARES? JUST BUY IT!

He did, of course, and here it is: Smackin' Whip. I'd never seen it before; he said it was just hanging out amongst the non-vegan whipped cream like it was NBD.


A little internet sleuthing brought me to the brand, Smackin' Good. It seems that they make whip/light whip, pancakes/waffles, and potato knishes; there was very little additional info. All signs point to them being a Kosher company that embraces their accidentally vegan products- kind of like Klein's ice cream.


Taste test time:
Unlike Soyatoo!, Smackin' Whip comes right out of the can...right outta the fridge. The whip has the look and texture of non-vegan whipped cream; you can control it into florets, but it was also build-able for a more impressive presentation. Taste-wise, it had a subtle sweetness: no discernible vanilla, no coconut (like Trader Joe's version).

None of this prevented me from filling my bowl with what would generally be considered a disproportionate amount (there's one scoop of Nada Moo mint chip under there). I was happy to have it, but I'm pretty sure that I'd still choose Trader Joe's in a blind taste test.


  1. Replies
    1. JD usually has great tips on which supermarkets have the best kosher sections! Without him, I'm just stumbling around counting on luck.

  2. Niiiiccceee!!!
    What a great find! Gotta say, i’m a big fan of these Kosher people around nyc :)) i suspect the availability of tofutti in bagel shops can be directly linked to those following a kosher diet, which i am forever greatful for!

    Amazing vegan MENU at not vegan Cocoron is amazing, delicious, and the best pile of noodles maybe ever. Great for eating with omnis.

    1. Excellent tip; thank you! Will hopefully check them out next weekend.
      (Also love Tofutti sour cream!)


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