Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Breakfast, Courtesy of Sweet and Sara (Thank You!)

Sweet and Sara's tweet that there were biscotti in the works came across quite innocuously, but in fact it was a rather epic announcement.  You see, in my family it is known that the girl (Sara) who perfected a vegan version of the coveted toasted coconut covered marshmallow and created luscious rocky road bark can be trusted to present only the best possible version of whatever she is attempting.  I was sure the biscotti were to be no exception and, with Mother's day coming up, the treat was intended to make a great breakfast for my biscotti-loving Mom.

Of course, as long as I was placing a biscotti order it would have been silly of me not to also pick up the other two, new Sweet and Sara creations: macaroons ("plain" and chocolate drizzled) and rice krispy squares.

The esteemed tasting panel had been lucky enough to get a taste of the Sweet and Sara macaroons when they were still in production.  We thought they were incredible, but the new batch was positively exquisite.  Moist, sweet, and a nice crunch around the edge to give a subtle touch of toastiness.  We enjoyed ours at room temperature, but will try them warmed- per S&S suggestion- next time around.  One note: my chocolate-loving Mom would like me to send a special request to Sara on her behalf, "The drizzle is a tease; please dunk the whole macaroon in your sweet, dark chocolate!"; and now you see where I get it from.

Let's just cut to the chase; the biscotti were incredible; both varieties pack tons of flavor.  They are not your grandmother's crumbly, bland biscotti; these are refined versions of the highest caliber cookies.  The texture is perfected: crisp rather than dry, and the fillings/flavors are generously represented.  The double chocolate mocha almond biscotti boasts a superior, full-bodied, dark chocolate taste: filled with chips and chunks of toasted almonds (instead of those chintzy slivers most inferior baked goods contain).  Even though we're a panel of chocolate lovers, the cinnamon hazelnut biscotti was just as divine: with a warm, cinnamon touch highlighted by veritable hunks of yummy, toasty hazelnuts.  Should any of us be forced to choose a favorite between the two we could not.

The rice crispy treats look irresistibly delicious (they are moist & flexible!), but we did not get to them for breakfast because it was late and we had to leave room for dinner.  So, stay tuned for their inevitable enjoyment highlighted in a future post.  Until then, profuse thanks to Sara for always providing such luscious treats for my multi-level veg family to enjoy together.  My Mom rules & so do you.

*Shout out to Lula's who, in addition to their own confectionery deliciousness, is carrying the entire line of Sweet and Sara scrumptiousness!

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