Friday, November 18, 2011

It Doesn't Suck To Live Within Driving Distance of Vegan Treats

NYC peeps are spoiled by all of the establishments that serve Vegan Treats, but my favorite place to partake is at their shoppe, located in Bethlehem, PA.  Their available goodies are always rotating, but on this day...

Isn't it pretty?  Pumpkin and vanilla soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles non-pareils.  IS THERE A SPRINKLE SHORTAGE?

Remember when the i/c machine was broken?  I don't.

caramel pecan sticky bun:

glazed vanilla donut*:

powdered sugar-coated chocolate donut:

raspberry crumb bar:

And, for dessert (What?  That was breakfast!): french pastries!  Clockwise from left: s'mores cheesecake, death by chocolate, caramel apple crumb cheesecake, Mexican chocolate pecan cake.

Somehow, this extra booty made it home as well.  VT's gigantoid cinnamon bun:

A coconut roll:

And a camera shy cowboy cookie to wash it all down.

See you soon, VT.

*see sprinkle shortage


  1. remember when you weren't eating sugar? me either.

  2. Looks pretty tasty, hope you're bringing one of those cakes to S&S this Saturday for Pecan's b-day!!!!


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