Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet & Sara Valentine's Extravaganza

Something that my parents have in common with the lovely Sara from Sweet & Sara is that they're both very good at surprises.  Happy Valentine's Day to me:

After staying wrapped for precisely 5 seconds:

I brought out the giant tote bag to pack my snacks for work.

photo upload acting up again
If you don't know me, I should explain that when I hear "Valentine's Day" I really hear "Chocolate Day" and, thusly, eat only my swag for 24 hours.  You suckers who take all month to eat one box of chocolate?  No!  You're doing it wrong.  I can clear one whole layer for breakfast.

Speaking of, let me just say that not one of you can deny that rice crispies are breakfast.  Mine just happened to be in the form of a treat.  Decadent?  Maybe.  Portable and efficient?  Definitely.  Don't judge, jealous.

Who says there shouldn't be dessert with breakfast?  I thought a mini-smore was in order. Okay, two.  Hey, I didn't make up the packages.

By 10:00 am, my face already looked like this. 

For lunch, why not a peanut butter smores?  Why not indeed.

I had a late afternoon meeting scheduled; sometimes you just need a snack to keep yourself going. 

On Valentine's Day, shouldn't it be a chocolate-dipped, strawberry marshmallow heart?

My intake by 5:00pm.

For the final meal of the day, I chose...dessert!  Biscotti, anyone?

Graham crackers?

Call it dinner, call it dessert; it was my main meal.

In the interest of full disclosure, there was also flowers.  While I appreciate flowers, I want it on record that if I have to choose between flora and edible treats, I choose the latter.

And, finally, my money tree bloomed!

As you can see, I gained weight and riches.  Hope your day was sweet as well.


  1. Got to admire someone who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to admit it. (And eat it!) What are holidays for, anyway? And as you pointed out, you started the day with a good breakfast — a proper foundation for the rest of your nourishment.

  2. Hahah! Awesome. I would probably do this too if sugar didn't disagree with me so badly. I salute you. What is Valentines day for if not chocolate?

  3. I was initially a little worried when I read this post -- I mean look at that breakfast! But then I read this -- -- and I realized you were on a health kick! :-)

  4. Andrea- Thanks! I'm nothing if not proud ;-)

    foodfeud- Right; I even augmented with some vegan M&M's I had around the house.

    Gone Pie- Well thank you for pointing out my genius.


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