Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ready? Set. Chard!

I know; I've been eating lots of sweets latelyLots.  But there have also been greens:

some old and some new. 

I made a fabulous dijon marinated raw kale salad last week.

Also, a salad of romaine, onion, and hearts of palm (and salad toppins: sue me; I like them).

And then I decided to try chard.  I wanted a cooked green to go with my baked raspberry chipotle tofu and I can never seem to bring myself to cook kale; in my house it always finds its way into a raw salad.  Despite the fact that the organic collards were on sale I still resisted.  And so, I chose chard; red because I thought its similar hue would go well with my dinner.

I got some advice from friends who know their way around a bunch of chard and went to work.  I started out by caramelizing red onions.

they caramelized eventually
I added the chard stems since my friends' recommendations superseded the multiple internet recipes that suggested they should be discarded (!?).

And then I added the roughly rolled and sliced leaves in batches, sauteing with olive oil, Bragg's, salt/pepper, and lots of red pepper flakes: tossing as they cooked down.  It turned out sweet and tender.

I'd only ever previously eaten chard at Blossom; this was not as good, but close!

For those of you keeping score, kale is still the greens frontrunner in my book, but chard definitely kicks collards' butt.


  1. Yeah, I almost bought three bunches of kale yesterday because I KNEW I wanted raw kale salad, then I thought kale chips would be fun to make and then lastly, I was like - "well I COULD cook some too." But I didn't.
    I do looove chard though, both cooked and raw. For shame on the recipes that throw out the stems!
    Also...detes on the raspberry chipotle tofu?? Sounds fantastic.

  2. foodfeud- I totally agree.
    1) raw
    2) chips
    3 or never) cooked
    I tried a bit of the chard leaf & stem raw, but wasn't into it so far. Agreed; I hate wasting food!

    As for the raspberry chipotle tofu; it was a fail. It was bottled sauce and was way too sweet for the tofu. The raspberry seeds were unsettling, as was the pinkish, pork-like tint. I wound up eating it hidden in whole wheat wraps filled to the brim with the kale salad! Thinking of trying to recreate swedish meatballs with what's left in the jar...

  3. P.S. This post reminded me of you with all the greens shots!

  4. I will eat chard but will never choose it. Kale, collards, mustard greens, cabbage, kale, kale, kale. Those are my favorites. Especially kale.

  5. Collards Rule, Kale Drools... over how delicious collards are!


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