Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nachos, Mine

I make these nachos for my Daiya-loving family pretty frequently and they're so well-received and easy to make that I should have shared (the recipe, not the actual nachos) a long time ago.  I'm sure you could gussy them up with homemade salsa and soaked, dried beans, but this is an easy weeknight meal, so convenience is key. 

Lightly grease a decent-sized casserole dish that should allow you to do a triplicate layer of all ingredients using one bag/jar/can of each.

Start out with a single layer of corn chips (I've been hooked on Tostitos ever since Immediate Family, which also introduced me to Van Morrison).

Add a generous covering (a sprinkle doesn't cut it for me) of cheddar Daiya.  Full disclosure: I use more than a single bag of Daiya, but one should do it for normal people.

One medium size jar of salsa should be enough for the whole shebang.

Black beans, or the beans of your choice (in case you have an unnatural aversion to black beans).

Roughly chopped onions; I use red.

The secret ingredient is Secret Aardvark; use sparingly if you're sharing with the heat-averse.

Repeat once.

And again, or until your casserole dish is piled high.  Don't fret if you have chips leftover*.

Once your nachos have been assembled, bake uncovered at 375 for 45 minutes.

*Some of the chips will have been overtaken with the toppings, so serve with the leftover ships for added crunch.

Don't forget the Tofutti sour cream!


  1. you said this was a great meal... where are the greens?

  2. These look great. It's been a long time since I've had nachos!
    Never heard of the Secret Aardvark stuff but I love the name, ha!

  3. BYOL- You've got me there, but I don't think they'd accompany well.

    foodfeud- It's my favorite hot sauce! I don't waste it on dishes where it's just mixed in (soup) b/c the great habanero flavor needs to be appreciated where it's more pronounced (also good on french fries and brussel sprouts). I get mine from Food Fight, since it's predominantly in the NE.


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