Thursday, February 2, 2012

How Many Leftovers Are Too Many?

My posts have been a little erratic of late.  First I was renovating a house, then I was moving, and now that I'm in I not only have to get acclimated, but I owe it to all of the patient people who have suffered through my house blahs over the course of the last year +++ a tour.  But before that happens I had to get comfortable with my new appliances.

The first thing I cooked was nothing fancy: curry roasted asparagus and baby portabellos, snap peas sautéed with garlic and Bragg's, and brown rice.

new countertop!
Served with Secret Aardvark, it was really good. 

As leftovers on the second night it was delicious yet again: both cold and re-heated. 

The third night it occurred to me that when you don't have roommates you shouldn't continue to cook in such massive quantities. 

On the fourth night I developed severe animosity towards everything in my plate. 

On the fifth night I delivered the rest to said former roommates and insisted they take me out to dinner. 

More to come, just in smaller batches...
What does that mean to you?  New kitchen, new dishes, new photos...


  1. What you need is a couple of new neighbors...

    Is that the new magic bullet finally opened?? Also, please teach me to cook

  2. Yes, these plates are excellent! and suddenly I want to eat more mushrooms.

  3. Pecan, I DO need vegan neighbors; please be one!

    Melios, thank you; there are great birds underneath as well!

  4. So great that you're settled and cooking! I hope the move was an easy one. Dinner looks delicious, and more so for that sparkling counter!

  5. You definitely made too much. If that happens to me I try to change the food somehow. Tonight we're having leftover Chinese takeout, but I made broccolini and sweet potato to add to the hot pot, and combined the leftover noodles with leftover soup. So, nothing is exactly the same. Still, after two days I can't eat it any more. Though your dish does look very tasty!

  6. what a waste of cabinet space!

  7. foodfeud, if by easy you mean never-ending, then yes! I love my counter. More interior shots to come!

    Andrea, I can't help it; I have a fear that I will run out of something. I did it again since. You are definitely more innovative than I; my experiments with leftovers are rare and unsuccessful.

    anon, That cabinet was MADE for my bullet! And it's so neat too...rather than a Vita eyesore sitting on my countertop.

  8. The fear of not having enough food at a dinner party is tied to a Jewish gene that requires a host to never let a guest go hungry. I believe I have that gene, and it's a hard one to overcome.

  9. Love that bread and the quinoa dish. I'm often intimidated to cook quinoa. I always got it too mushy, but when cooked right, I love the nuttiness of it (the way Whole Foods makes it:P).


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