Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Delicious Sandwich Truck Adam

The amazingness that is The Cinnamon Snail is usually referred to as "The Snail" amongst my friends, but VM has been known to describe the incomparable Chef Adam and his merry Cinnamon Snail as "delicious sandwich truck Adam".  That works too.

As you probably already know, The Cinnamon Snail can be found in various locations throughout Manhattan 5 days a week, at special events, and- now that it's summer, at the Red Bank Farmer's Market on Sundays through the fall.  If we lived closer we'd be there every week!  The farmer's market is small but varied: fruits, vegetables, foliage, crafts, etc.; but, the main draw is definitely the Snail.  Both vegans and non-vegans know the Snail is where it's at.

On this gorgeous day there was a new menu item that I'd been salivating over all week in anticipation: gochujang burger deluxe with sauteed kimchi, arugula, pickled daikon and leeks, black sesame gomasio, and sriracha mayonnaise on grilled focaccia.  I know, right!?!?

I am here to tell you that it was a bazillion times more amazing than you're even thinking right now.  VM pondered, "Do you think he just dreams up these scrumptious concoctions?"  Yes; yes I do.

I shared the terrific burger with VM, along with HER RETURNING FAVORITE (!): smoked portabello mushroom carpaccio with fried caper berries, caramelized onions, truffled kalamata olive tapenade, and arugula on grilled herb focaccia.

Just as good as our tastebuds recalled.

Snail sammies are the best of the best, people; going halvsies is the only way to fly.

As luck would have it, the Snail was serving fresh strawberry limeade on this day.  For me:

And for VM: star anise spiced coconut iced coffee.  What the what!?  So amazing that I had one too...for dessert.

Speaking of dessert...
When I originally discovered this container in my assortment, I wondered what exactly I would use it for. 

Who knew?

Even as I was enjoying my sammie, I was gazing at the haul.

But wait, there's more.

We started with the cookies.

That's Ned Stevens gutter cleaner cookie on the left and mint Matlock took all of his clothes off on the right.  You never know what you'll find in the Ned Stevens: marshmallows, nuts, chips....and the mint Matlock is straight up awesomesauce.

This is the fresh rasperry glazed donut that VM aptly described as "an inside-out jelly donut."

Ganache-filled s'mores donut with Sweet and Sara marshies.

The raspberry cheesecake donut tastes as though a donut, a pie (graham cracker crust), and a raspberry/cheese danish had a baby.  I actually forgot to buy this one and went back for it when I remembered that it had been posted on Facebook (VM loves raspberry).  There's always a full-case of goodies at the Snail, but some rotate and I couldn't risk missing a flavor this time around.

"Vendy award winning vanilla bourbon creme brulee donut":

I don't like apples, but I have a thing for the pink lady apple turnovers.  I can't explain it; it's the magic of the Snail.  Here it is, heated and minus one bite.

And finally, the last apple cider donut of this visit's booty.

I rarely pick up other things at the market, but this time there was a new vendor selling kettle korn...

I really like kettle korn.

I did share, though.  A little. 

I was full, after all.

To find out exactly where the Snail will be, friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @VeganLunchTruck.  Otherwise, if you turn a corner and see this:

RUN, do not walk!

And, if you can, I highly recommend making a special trip to the Red Bank Farmer's Market; it's a wonderful way to spend the morning/early afternoon.


  1. all of this looks amazing! What is even more impressive is that you can review this truck over and over and it's always new!!!

    It should also be noted that they are willing to put their sandwiches on top of greens for a gluten free option.

  2. My big regret is not eating at the snail before giving up gluten. And by eating, I mean eating a lot!!!

  3. oh my gosh what a day!! i agree, halvsies is the ONLY way to go! and that strawberry cheesecake donut looks outrageous! YUM!

  4. Andrea and glutenfreehappytummy- the first comment is definitely aimed at you! (second paragraph)

  5. I want the bread — and the cookies, damn it.

  6. Andrea, I don't blame you. I was having stomach problems last month and at one point I thought, "Eegads, don't let it be the gluten!" I will say, though, that the truck is very gluten-free-friendly (triple hyphenate?). Blogger meetup, I say. That means you too, Maud!

  7. Oh my gad, that gochujang burger looks INCREDIBLE. As you probably know I'm not huge on sweets (I wish I were but they give me headaches) but all the sandwich options they offer always sound incredible. I follow them on Twitter, just because I'm a masochist - they are never really close enough to my job for me to run over on my lunch break but I am seriously considering it now. Or even on a day off, geez.
    Actually, forget what I said about the sweet those cookies sound...for real for real.

  8. Shut. Up! ;-))))

    I've been effectively tortured by The Cinnamon Snail for years since I follow them on FB, etc.

    One day I have to make the trek to Red Bank, it's not really that far from me, but it kinda is with a 4 yo :-)

    Seriously, though, sandwiches and treats, those are my FAVE. SIGH!!

    One day! Thanks for the great pics and drooly descriptions, anyway!


  9. foodfeud- That burger was one of the best things I've ever eaten...and that's coming from someone who loves their other burger as well. And I don't even really like burgers all that much! There should be another word for these; just because they're in patty form doesn't mean they have to be considered a burger. Could you make it on a Saturday? They're usually by Union Square; it's not that far...

    Dawn- It's definitely worth the trip & there are always a ton of kids there- big & small.

  10. Wow. I can only dream of a place as great as the Snail. It's isolated out here in Montana and not many vegans are here at all. Sandwiches looked amazing.


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