Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 3: The Snail Before the Cleanse

Thank you to everyone for your excitement over my Day 2 post; I'm really thrilled that I was able to surprise so many of you (as well as myself).

That being said, as promised, yesterday was filled with Cinnamon Snail goodies!  

So, I give you...the pre-cleanse Snail round-up:

One truck, so many tantalizing options.

I chose to go with the Al Pastor Seitan sandwich: "With beer battered jalapenos [!], grilled pineapple, greens, and chipotle mayonnaise on a grilled baguette."  Sweet, spicy, and hearty: Chef Adam knocked it out of the park again.  I cannot stress how fresh and flavorful every single ingredient is- without exception.

The beer battered jalapenos were particularly incredible!

Also, fresh strawberry lemonade:

Real seeds, peeps.

VM blazed her own lunch path- starting with the basic idea of the maple mustard tempeh sandwich, but then letting Chef Adam take the reigns and fancy it up for her minus the tempeh.  What can I say?  They're tight.  Grilled tomato, luscious avocado, caramelized onions, greens...VM was swooning.

A thank you, as always, to Tommy's Coal-Fired Pizza, for graciously allowing us to sit in their outdoor seating area to civilly nosh whilst I photographically documented our meal.

Dessert time!  Some of our take-home booty:

Man claw was something that I hadn't noticed on the menu, perhaps it's seasonal? 

Check out the faux zebra-flavored donuts!  Question: by eating faux zebra, are we thereby perpetuating the notion that it is appropriate- nay, fashionable- to eat zebra in general?  Just a little vegan humor, folks.

You might recall the Mexican chocolate twists I raved about recently.  Well, I'd like to introduce you to a close relative: cinnamon glazed twist!

I did buy two, but my tupperware was no match for the behemoth donuts.  What's a girl to do but bite it down to size and then some?

Of course it's not a trip to The Cinnamon Snail without VM's favorite apple cider donuts.

And the maple toasted coconut is not to be missed.

Today there was a cookie special, Wild Man Ned Stevens Marshmallow Pecan Gutter Cleaner Cookies, featuring Sweet and Sara marshmallows!  I haven't had a Snail cookie in ages; this one showed me the error of my ways.  Even VM was absolutely smitten with the crunchy gem.

I snagged the last chocolate chocolate chip peanut butter cupcake.

And also a pumpkin danish (hello Fall).

Finally, the Vendy award-winning vanilla bourbon creme brulee donut was mine.  My goodness!  I haven't had creme brulee in a looong time and just like that, there it was- in a donut!  With the authentic crispy sugar on top!  The Snail never ceases to amaze.

A few smiles from another booth at the Red Bank Farmer's Market...

and we were on our way.

Until next time, Cinnamon Snail (no sooner than 21 days).

Note: please allow me to take a moment to make something abundantly clear.  I will be basing my upcoming 21-day cleanse mainly on the one outlined in Crazy Sexy Diet.  But I am the first one to admit that I am also doing my own thing in many respects.  For one (if you're squeamish- look away), no enemas or colonics for me.  Two, I'm not exactly- ahem- easing into the cleanse as suggested.  Clearly, I am neither a spokesperson for the book/cleanse, nor any kind of doctor, nutritionist, or life coach!  I'm just a vegan making my way- and going out in a blaze of glory!  This is me simply doing my best; and, I appreciate you coming along for the ride.  The logistical preparation begins tomorrow!


  1. Good for you! Doing your best is all you can do! I look forward to seeing how you feel :)

  2. so you're starting your cleanse by eating 21 days of sweets right before hand? Great idea!

    So jealous of VM's sandwich. LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

  3. God, I could murder a donut right now!

  4. Oh, wow! What I wouldn't give for some of those treats, especially the donuts!

  5. Abby,

    It looks as if you're going to need a 21 day cleanse before you start your 21 day cleanse from yesterdays eats alone.

  6. FF- thank you SO much!

    Anonymous- more like 21 years of sweets right before hand.

    Jeni & Mikaila- my pics don't even do them justice.

    MVG- and this surprises you?

  7. Are you SURE you want to do a cleanse, with such easy access to the Snail? Sigh. Just kidding, of course you do. We all do, but some of us are smarter and more determined than others. You are the smart one! Did you see the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead? It would be fun to watch that as you start your new path.

  8. Andrea, you couldn't be more right. The second thoughts were flooding in as I wrote this post! I keep telling myself that it's only 21 days, but what if- horror of horrors- I stick with it? Gasp!

    Great idea for the movie; it's in my Netflix queue!

  9. Wow, you have an arsenal of delicious food porn up your sleeves!
    I would kill for that cinnamon glazed twist.


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