Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nothing Says Father's Day Like Funfetti

My dad is not vegan.  He eats vegan food only when he has no other choice, and sometimes not even then.  He's been to more vegan restaurants than many vegans, and has managed not to eat at most of them.  Some people would rather go naked than wear fur; from Horizons to Peacefood, he'd often rather go hungry than eat vegan food.  As such, we could not celebrate Father's Day in my vegan house.

You may recall the spreads I go all out for on Mother's Day.  Since my dad would rather traditional, S.A.D., non-vegan food I won't even mention here, I brought the vegan food to them.  He even ate it... albeit as an accompaniment.

For breakfast (don't judge), I brought the funfetti.  Start the day off right, I say!  Funfetti cupcakesVCTOTW golden vanilla cupcakes (made with oil, not butter) swirled with Leiber's candy-coated mini-chips.

Side note: does anyone know why my cupcake liners like to crinkle like this?

My pans are old; is it possible that they can no longer contain today's giant liners?

They cooked up just fine regardless.

I iced them with Biscoff spread, because my Dad loves Biscoff.

We skipped lunch in lieu of an early dinner.  I brought the salad: mixed lettuces with carrots, tomato, and red onion (I'm addicted to my julienne tool).

There was a one-man barbecue, while VM and I partook in veggie burgers (yes, that's a ciabatta roll; I cannot find buns without datem, L-cysteine, or various other dough-conditioning enzymes I'd rather not consume).  VM whipped up some horseradish-adorned potatoes and onions and I sauteed a mean batch of string beans.

For dessert: homemade, chocolate-chip, rice-crispy treats.

And this is exactly when I realized I'd forgotten to make the jello.  To be continued...


  1. ha! Abby bean your took much... cupcakes for breakfast? I suppose as a cousin to the pancake we can allow it, but to be honest, even pancakes are suspicious...

  2. looks like a delicious meal! and those cupcakes look fabulous! gotta love biscoff spread!

  3. I've never seen the candy-coated chips — it seems a shame to cover them up. I love the kind way you accommodate your dad's eating preferences, even though I know it probably drives you crazy. I once was out to dinner in a large family group, and an attempt was made to find a place where everyone could find something to eat. A Japanese place was picked and some of us had vegan sushi, some had fishy sushi, some had beef burgers and one person had nothing because he was suspicious of Kobe beef, and wanted a "regular" hamburger.

  4. D'oh! Sounds like something I would do. You could always just unceremoniously hand him the box and say, "Have at it" but I guess you and your funfetti are a bit too sophisticated for that...

  5. BYOL- Pancakes are NOT suspicious at all! Cupcakes, maybe.

    glutenfreehappytummy- I am thisclose to getting my hands on a jar of crunch Biscoff spread!

    Andrea- You're right; how silly of me! I definitely should have sprinkled some funfetti chips on the top. Truth be told, the cupcakes were still cooling while I was driving. The Biscoff spread was in my purse and I never thought to bring more chips for sprinkling. My family does have a few all-accommodating restaurants that we can all agree on, but with all the wonderful vegan grub out there, it seems a mental- not tastebud- block not to find it appealing.

    foodfeud- Things my father does not know how to work: the stove, the washing machine, food requiring preparation. But still, I'm such a doofus. I've been staring at it in my pantry all this time... Luckily I just found my mom's old jello mold and I've been considering what kind of fruit I can suspend in it- strictly from an aesthetic standpoint. Does that say sophisticated to you?


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