Monday, January 7, 2013

VMNYBD 2/3: Herbivore Clothing Good Luck Elephant

You may not know this, but VM became a vegetarian in 2009, around the time we took our trip to Portland.  One of the highlights of that trip was visiting the vegan mini-mall, and Herbivore Clothing was an especially pleasant stop.  VM is an elephant collector from way back, so Herbivore's recent introduction of their line of Good Luck Elephant items made choosing her birthday gift a snap.

The design is both gorgeous and adorable, but I also have to mention that the Alternative Apparel shirt is made of eco-fleece and feels as soft as advertised- if not softer.  She hasn't worn it yet, but it looks like it's going to be truly cozy.


I want to especially note that ordering the shirt was the most pleasant experience I had all holiday season; the staff could not have been more patient (I had a bazillion sizing questions in order to avoid the necessity of an exchange), nicer (they found the size I needed even when it seemed they were sold out), or prompt (it shipped the next day).  Thanks so much, Herbivore!

I can't blame her; it does look like a box of munchkins.

So, if you want to be like VM, start by getting the same shirt from Herbivore!
If you want to be like me, pepper your kitchen with snarky and true Herbivore message stickers!

As always, support vegan businesses.

(Catch up with VMNYBD 1/3 and stay tuned for 3/3!)


  1. Beautiful gift Bean! And I absolutely love 89s new look! The bowtie is an especially nice touch!

  2. BYOL- I knew she reminded me of someone!

  3. ... and if you want to be like 89, eat the box.

    Nice gifts and nice disguises!

  4. Jennifer- thanks!

    Andrea- Good one!

  5. It looks like VM will be very happy in her new sweatshirt! Good to know that you had a positive experience with Herbivore. I probably folded that very sweatshirt because when they arrived at the store, I literally jumped for joy at the huge folding task waiting inside all the big boxes! Folding is the best! Happy 2013!!!

  6. tahinitoo- I was thinking that shirt had the best creases I'd ever seen (and I should know!). Happy new year!


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